I need help for my team plz :(

Hi all! It’s my first post here, so i hope i’m not doing errors right from the start :laughing:

I need some help for assemble my team, i’ve 2 units already decided, but i dunno the others :frowning:

This is my Julius, maybe i am the one who @Z-Man was referring to in his post haha :smiley:

40+10 and +10 dragonflowers:


Steady Stance 4
Mystic Boost 3
Atk Ploy 3
Distant Def 3

And that’s my Nephenee!

40+ 10 and +10 dragonflowers:

Dauntless Lance (+eff)

Steady Breath
Repel 3
Even Atk Wave 3
Steady Posture 2

I’ve built a Bartre and a Velouria too (for reduce Julius’s Glacies cooldown), but i feel it’s not right…so i was hoping for a little help from you all because i really, really want a good team for the arena :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance to you all!


What other choices for team mates are you considering?

Is this strictly an Arena Defense team or would it be offense as well? Since Offense requires a bonus unit to do well you’d really only have 1 spot to work with.


Nah I came across my Julius in T19 in Aether Raids. He had close counter and a steady stance seal(not to mention he wasn’t merged). Your julius actually looks pretty solid(although I’m not sure about mystic boost with steady stance, it’s secondary effect means dragons always hit his Res).
Also are we looking for Arena offense or Arena defense?


Both of them, to be frank…so i was considering a player phase unit, but i dunno about the color…green seems the most logical choice for coverage, but really i don’t know which one… :frowning:


I wanted SS4 because i want tank archers too, or at least i’m trying to! :D the previous strategy was S ally support with Velouria for -2 cooldown and shoot down Blue Niles with Glacies, but i realized Velouria was not…glueing well with Nephenee…

Let’s say both: offense and defense!


Bartre actually isn’t a bad choice if the one you have is also merged, since Armors have high BST they tend to be common in Arena (along with Dragons). If you need a green to merge and don’t necessarily care who Ross and Echidna make great choices, being newer units means they score a lot better thanks to their BST.


Yeah, it’s +10 but 0 dragonflowers because i used the others on Julius/Nephenee :smiley:

But i feel dragons can be an issue, Bartre have great HP but low Res, so blue dragons are a problem because wreck Julius despite Loptous :frowning:

Ross and Echidna could be a good choice too, i must find many of them because, if i recall well, i have only one of them! :sweat_smile:

Ok well SS4 has a guard effect which is awesome, but I’d recommend(if feasible) Distant Defense 4. That forces you to murder a Caineghis but will give you +8 Def and Res(swapping guard for dull ranged). SS4 will work fine(especially if you really like that guard), but DD4 basically makes him unkillable when versing mages(as well as helping him against archers)

As for other teammates, as pointed out you will need a bonus unit for offense. That means at least one of your units needs to be flexible-able to be swapped out without gimping the team. Bartre and Nephenee could fill that roles(since your team doesn’t look useless against armors and you said Nephenee wasn’t meshing well). Other fan-favorite greens include Ross, Echidna, Nino(if you want a mage), Fae(for a decently tanky dragon)

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Fae could help against blue dragons(besides maybe L!Tiki)

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If you went Swift Stance seal on Neph how would she fair against them.


Yeah, i have one, and the SS4/DD4 was really hard for this reason, i chose SS4 mainly for the Guard effect tbh, because some ults are devastating vs him, i remember the tragic Halloween Jakob machups :frowning:

Fae…yeah, i have one but i built her a log time ago so it’s a little outdated now i guess, it was my first +10 :D

Lightning Breath (+def)

Steady Breath
Quick Repost 3
Threaten Attack 3
Panic Ploy 3

But since i have 2 enemy phase units i must trasform her entirely at this point!

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I mean, besides the c slot that build still looks decent. You could give her something like Def ploy in the c slot for extra damage

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Tried on simulator right now, but sadly doesn’t perform well as Steady Posture 2, and it’s a shame because the reasoning was good :cry:

Btw, thank you two for the suggestion, i’m very happy :blush:


Also there isn’t anything inherently wrong with mulitple EP units. I’ve seen plenty of entire teams that revolved around strategically pressing end turn

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A full force enemy phase team! I’m a little coward haha XD

Yeah, Def Ploy is better, changing right now! :wink:

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A thread about julius and nobody @'s me.

That Julius looks solid, though I’d suggest Iceberg for the special, trying for Mirror Stance 3 in the A, and QR in the Seal. If Rouse Atk/Res ever becomes a thing, that could work well too.

Nephneee looks fine.

The other two members should contain at least 1 green for full colour coverage, but who they’ll be is up to you.

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haha totally :D it’s an honor!

I putted Iceberg because i had Velouria and Bartre so he could fires off Glacies after the first attack…but yeah, now i must redo!
I cared more for the def, as i said earlier, because i’m trying to counter archers too, but it could be an interesting build too, “kill mages” oriented :stuck_out_tongue:

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He’d work fine with either skill. Mirror Stance 3 is only on Osian, so unless you pulled a spare of him back on the last forging bonds banner it will be a while before you see MS3. But even if you did pull an Osian, he’s a very worthwhile member of your barracks. Having a slaying effect and DC built in to your weapon gives him amazing supertanking abilities

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Sadly i haven’t :( and it’s a shame, because it’s a really good unit…

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My only copy is -Res/+Atk and he still wrecks shop. Throw swift stance seal on him and let the good times roll(I have a feeling he’d be especially nasty with repel or close call)

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