I need help making a good team (I’m not really great at team building)

I need a team mostly to deal with Singular Compulsion Goku Black, but I’m also kinda lacking in pvp too so if somone could help that would mean a lot. Here are allthe characters I own (I am sincerely sorry for the horrendous image I’m doing this on my phone and needed to collage all the screenshots I hope you understand)

You can pretty much win the Goku Black event with a decent team. As I’m seeing you could go for a good God Ki Team:
Core: Goku SSB, Vegeta SSB and EX Whis
Bench: God Vegeta, God Goku and EX Beerus.

Son Family/Saiyan:
Core: SSJ Goten (LF), SSB Goku and Goku -Green-
Bench: EX Gohan -Red-, SSJ Vegeta GT and GT Pan -Blue-.

Fusion Team:
Core: Vegito -Red-, Super Gogeta and SSJ3 Gotenks
Bench: SSJ Gotenks, Gotenks and EX Goku.

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Thanks man