I need help making an team. For pvp

You can make a god ki team

God ki team with zenkai 1 Ssb goku(revival goku is risky in this meta unless you are not in rank 50+) , vados, fusion zamasu ( 4 star but it seems necessary, it would have been better with his 3rd z ability unlocked) after that, you can put SSR Goku black on the leader slot.
*Now if you need a colour wheel - put red SSR Goku black /SSB future goku.
*if not, put shallot (if you have SSG and wishes to use him - he is in S Tier buff) or red SSG goku for hp buff. If you want double defenses - bench revival goku (works as a bait for anti revival units especially ssj4 gogeta then colour counter him)

  • apparently you dont have any god ki attack buff bench but hp buff is always the best.

I see you have some interesting units at high stars, try putting them in leader slots of other viable teams like saiyans. Always check the team has a proper z ability buff total (at least 3000,can go even above 5000 if possible)

  • RED fp frieza (extremely powerful unit- check the kit)
  • new GRN broly (blue card nuking and strike arts with card draw speed)
    *BLU EX raditz (bench for saiyans only)
  • BLU zenkai 1 1st form frieza (10 stars really strong - dont laugh, hes bad news)
  • YEL Majuub ( good even at 4 stars for low rank)
    *BLU transforming ssj movies vegeta ( old meta unit but still works for some fun matches)
    *BLU ssj>ssg transforming vegeta (A Tier boost - he is a monster now, viable god ki option- check his kit)
    *BLU saiyan saga support goku( A Tier boosted- awesome support, check the kit)
    *BLU Mystic gohan ( strike card lock is still useful)