I need help on the Lore node

I cannot figure out what to use. Them all having break bars is killing me. And then Nero with guts!
I brought in Jack for Nero’s buffs, and to strip her of them. Failed. Killed her sure, but didn’t make it past 4 left. Will 4*s suffice mainly? Hard to run kscopes on everyone.
Here’s what I have servantwise to work with.

Run Tama, Abi and Mash. BG or a damage CE on Abi and Prisma or NP-gen up on the other 2.
Take out each enemy one by one with Abi. And try to get some good over gauge damage when taking out the choco-zerks(it’ll give you a lot of NP gauge).
It’s slow going but it’s honest work. You shouldn’t actually have anyone die if you time your abilities correctly. GL! :fgo_umu:


Just approach this as a ST fight. Break one choco at a time and kill the servant before moving on to another choco.

Pick a ST damage-dealer of your choice (e.g. Abby), back the DPS with two defensive supports e.g. Tamamo, Merlin, Jeanne, Mash et c and slowly grind down the enemies.


Get a friend’s Hokusai/Abby and go ham

id consider using okita. there are no archers in the cq and the toughest servant is jaguar man, being a lancer. also you could borrow a musashi, she could be useful cause buff removing np. buff remove is pretty cool cause nero can be annoying with her three times guts lol.

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I’ve been doing it with a Tamamo Caster, Mash, Archuria and a support Abi.
Sadly, Aby died early so I had to kill the Jaguar Warrior with Archuria, so it took quite a long time, but I took out the ennemies one by one and with the Art stall, the Jaguar didn’t hurt at all.
It was just very long, maybe Lancelot over Archuria could’ve been a better option.

Best of luck anyway!

Would be helpful if you could show skills and CEs.

But let’s run a double DPS comp.

Arash @ MLB IE/Scope
Gilgamesh @ Aerial Drive
Leonidas @ MLB IE/Scope
Osakabehime @ 2030
Support Waver
Okita @ Holy Night Supper

T1: Arash. Also pop Leonidas’s taunt and guts.

Medb and Kiyo should outright KO Leo and trigger the guts. But your NP should also be charged. Okkie swaps in.

T2: top off Gil (CE50 + Gil30 + Okkie20) and pop Leonidas’s buster buff. Use Okkie’s buff removal to get rid of Nero’s guts. NP Leo -> Gil and follow with a facecard from Gil or Okkie. Medb might survive, but Leo’s taunt will be up.

T3: We’re basically out of the woods now—Kiyo and Medb were the biggest threats we have to male servants, and Nero’s card damage was high and she stuck around. We have 3 new chocolates—Paracelsus, Cleo, and Taiga.

Let’s break Paracelsus’s chocolate first. (Use the stars from Leo’s NP to charge Gil’s NP bar, if possible. Overkill is good civ…you’re going to lose 30% though, so ehh, maybe the stars are just insurance against Medb. Paracelsus is annoying.)

He’s a caster, so we can facecard him to charge our NP. We also should have Waver now (or in the next turn). With any luck, we’ll also have Okkie and Gil’s NP charged before we break Cleo’s chocolate bar.

Once you reveal Cleo, EE immediately. She has an invuln, a charge, and a 3-pip bar. Very dangerous. You might need to use your MC’s buff here to clear her.

This will also reveal Taiga. With any luck, she’ll crit Gil into oblivion. That’s fine; you don’t need him anymore.

Okita swaps in. Team should be Okita/Waver/Okkie. No Okkie if luck was bad.

Enemy is Taiga and the MHXA choco. Let’s leave the choco for now because it limits Taiga’s actions.

Taiga is super dangerous and we want to get rid of her ASAP. Focus on charging Okita’s NP and breaking Taiga’s remaining bar.

Once that’s done, you should be able to pop all your buffs (Waver + Okita) and KO Taiga with a single NP. Then we just have MHXA to deal with.

You should still have Okita’s dodge and the MC dodge at this point. MHXA’s card damage isn’t that bad, so Okita should be able to solo and charge her NP with arts-led quicks for a quick win.


I came here to suggest Osakabehime but seems @jakeyb beat me to it, curses!

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I’ll try some of these strats next run. I was down to just Taiga… didn’t want to use command seals.

Also, like what @Waifu69 said, a friend’s (maxed, NP2+) Hokusai with Black Grail with solo the entire encounter.


I want to second Musashi. She completely wrecked this CQ for me. She has debuff cleanse for Kiyohime’s defense debuff, ignore invincible to deal with Cleo (she likes to go invincible when her NP gauge is full), buff removal on NP to one-shot Nero, and class advantage against Taiga.

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This team did it for me. Leo just created a nice break once Mash died. And ran a support Abby. Ended with my own Abby, Ozy, and Okita left on the field.
Appreciate the tips!