I need help pls

Whats the most effective way to get more stars because i play this game for a while and i have an ok team but i cant get them again in a sumon so i feel a little bit frustraded when i find ppl with 7 star characters or zenkai awakened

The only way of getting more z power for characters is through the sparking medal exchange shop and the hyper dimensional coop exchange shop. Other than that you just have to get lucky with summons. Mind if I see your team and character list?

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The first line is my main party and below is the bench but i often use vegeta(purple) and cell

(I couldnt send my complete character list because im a new member srry)

You definitely got some good units however you’re not getting a lot of ability bonuses. If you reply with one image at a time I can see your entire character list and possibly help you make a better team







This is my favorite regeneration team


  1. SP Perfect Cell(Yellow)
  2. SP Super Janemba(Red)
  3. SP Super Baby 2 (Blue) *Try to limit break him to 3 stars with one of the methods that I showed you. Sparking medal shop or hyperdimensional shop


  1. SP Perfect Cell(Red) *If you ever get Ultimate gohan absorbed buu i would replace this unit with it
  2. SP Majin Buu: Good(Green)
  3. EX Nail(Purple)
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But can you make me an atack team i would appreciate that

Attack team? Not sure what you mean by that

A team more foccused in damage srry but idk the right terms for the game.

So you want a team with no defense abilities? The regen team I recommended is focused on high strike damage.

Oh… I didnt know that. thks for the help you did an excelent work


No problem. I hope you’re enjoying the game so far. If you have any other questions feel free to ask

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