I Need Help Team Building

I just started this game and it’s super overwhelming. Like I’m struggling against stages that are recommended to have characters that are 20 levels lower than me and there are so many characters to choose from. Here are my characters

and I just want to know what I should include on my core team and what characters synergize well. I’m also around lvl 25 if that helps.

I give you a raw idea of what I usually bring with me when I go blind into a stage:
2 Vanguards (they are mandatory to build Deployment Points faster)
2 Guards (I usually switch Vanguards with Guards when their work is over)
2 Snipers (Also in case there are aerial enemies)
1 Caster (Just in case there are armored enemies)
1 Fast Redeploy (Red or Gravel, they can always come in handy)
1 or 2 Defenders (They usually are needed to lock the enemies in one place while Snipers and Casters finish off the enemies)
2 Healers (They make your life easier)
If I don’t bring 2 Defenders, I usually take another Caster or a Supporter instead.
Well here is a possible easy team comp for you, of course it depends on the stage and the enemies there but in general I’d advice you this one:

AMIYA or GITANO (or both)
SHINING+GAVIAL (or PERFURMER if you want AOE healing)

In your place, I would start building these units until I get better ones :fgo_happytomoe:


You’ll usually get slightly different ideas, but my general advice for overall team building:

2 Vanguards with DP skills
2 Medics - 1 Single Target (ST) and one AoE
2 Snipers - Anti-Air, though some maps won’t need a second
2 casters - one ST and one AoE
2 Defenders - if possible, one healing and one “normal” defender (the ones with Defense boosting skills)
1 Guard
1 “other” depending on map needs. When in doubt and no Shift operators are needed, a fast-redeploy unit like Gravel is often very handy, or a DP-on-kill vanguard.

Now for your specific situation, there’s a couple things to keep in mind mostly because you haven’t had enough time to pull a lot of good operators.
1: Since you don’t have any of the heavy-hitting Casters yet (though Amiya and Gitano are good, there are two particular 6* casters that are well known for how overpowered they are), so you may not have as much success with the standard strategy of placing a defender in each lane and have your casters blow them up. However, Shining’s trait boosts the DEF of any unit in her range. This will let you put a Guard as the “tank” to do extra damage, while Shining’s support will put their defense to where you won’t have major worries about being taken down. Specter is a great option in your case, since she also hits multiple targets. Just keep in mind if you’re using her S2 you’ll need to either be careful on timing when she gets stunned, have a ranged guard like Frostleaf behind her, or have Gravel ready to drop down and block anyone who slips by.

2: In early game, I find Lancet-2 to be a great asset as your “free slot”. Even though her heals aren’t as impressive as her human counterparts, being able to field her while ignoring the deployment limit can be a game changer. most early missions are short enough that you can’t re-deploy her if retreated to take advantage of the boost heal when deployed, so leave her somewhere she can get some extra heals on places that one medic may be struggling to keep covered. Her usefulness drops off by chapter 5, but given how cheap she is to develop it’s worth the short-term benefit to max her level to 30 (you also get a nice base skill out of it).

3: Promote Perfumer! At the moment she’s your only AoE medic which is very useful on any maps that have enemies doing AoE damage, but Perfumer in particular gets an extremely useful trait at E1–she grants passive regeneration to every operator on the map, which is nearly essential for those supply and chip missions that have constant passive damage.

Overall I’d suggest your general setup to look like this, using only operators you’ve leveled so far:
Vanguards: Texas & Scavenger
Medics: Shining & Perfumer
Snipers: GreyThroat & Kroos
Defender: Liskarm or Cuora (Cuora for larger groups of enemies or hard-hitters, Liskarm otherwise)
Casters: Amiya, Gitano
Guards: Specter, Melantha
Free slot: Gravel, Lancet-2, or Vigna. Swap for Rope or Shaw on maps with pits

Some easy swaps you can keep in mind: If a map has only one place drones come from (or none at all) you can swap one of your Snipers–probably Kroos–for an extra free slot. On maps without many high-defense enemies, you can swap Amiya out as well.


Here’s my recommendation:

Vanguards. These are units you deploy first to temporarily hold off the enemies while generating deployment points at the same time to let you deploy your main operators.

  • Courier and Texas are great choices.
  • Myrtle is a very good unit. You don’t have her now but do build her once you get her. She won’t reliably hold off enemies but she generates tons of DP. It may take you some time to get a grip on how to use her properly.

ST Snipers. Bring two of them. Their main job is to deal with flying units. Their secondary job is to help with the team’s DPS.

  • Kroos and GreyThroat are very solid options.
  • Level up Jessica to E1 at least. She plays an important role in your base (Reception Room, Clue 3 Search), and such role will only be available after promoting her to E1. Also, there will be maps where you will need more than 2 snipers.

AoE Snipers. They are used to deal with mobs, and building just 1 unit will suffice. They are ineffecient, however, when dealing with single targets only. In short, use them against Zerg Rush but not against Protos units.

  • Shirayuki is the go-to unit for this role. You can get her via Recruitment using the following tags: Sniper+AoE, Sniper+Slow (Check out GP’s Recruitment Guide for more details).
  • Unlike ST Snipers, AoE snipers do not prioritize flying units.

Casters. They are one of your main DPS source. Their primary role is to take care of heavy-armored units since they ignore their target’s DEF.

  • Amiya is sufficient for dealing single targets.
  • Mobs with high armor are best dealt using an AoE Caster. Gitano is a good choice for this.

Medics. Keeps your units alive. There are two types of Medics: ST Healer (single target burst healing) and AoE Healer (maintenance healing).

  • Use ST Healer to keep a specific unit alive, typically your frontliner (e.g., your Vanguards). Shining excels on this role.
  • Use AoE Healer to simultaneously heal 3 units with minor damages. Perfumer will suffice for this role; however, Ptilosis is currently available in the Shop, which is the typical go-to Medic.
  • Strictly speaking, the role of ST Healer and AoE Healer is not interchangeable. However, for most of the current content, you can swap them just fine.
  • Interestingly, it’s not their healing capabilities that most people are interested with when selecting Medics. They look on the Medics extra utility instead. This is the reason why Ptilosis (Global SP-regen Buff), Warfarin (ATK Buff) and Silence (Mobile Burst Healing) are usually preferred over Shining who mainly excels in just keeping a unit alive. Nonetheless, you won’t go wrong in investing on Shining.

Defenders. Ideally, your Vanguards, with the help of Medics, should be able to keep the enemies at bay while your Snipers and Casters do away with them. However, there will be enemies with high enough damage that will overwhelm your Medics’ healing capacity, resulting to the demise of your Vanguards and the collapse of your defensive line. In situations like this, you need to sub your Vanguards with Defenders. There are two types of Defenders, and you need to build 1 unit each.

  • Pure Tank. They are the champions of the face slapping tournament. Enemy slaps them with a cub or a war hammer and they just shrugs it off. Coura, the Baseball Turtle, is the golden standard for this role. Use her as your main tank instead of Liskarm. Liskarm is great but for a different reason. For pure tank, vote for Coura and “Make Defenders Great Again!”
  • Healing Defenders. Pure Tanks are great and all because of their high DEF. But what if enemies have casters too? Enter the Healing Defenders with innate RES! Well, actually their RES is lame, but hey, at least they mitigate enemy caster’s damage by 10%! And guess what, they heal their self too (as well as their nearby allies)! And since they are tanky (not as tanky as pure tank of course), they can take more hits than your Vanguards and thus a good replacement as well. Gummy on S1 works fine for this role.
  • Defenders blocks 3 enemies (Vanguards blocks only 2) which means that they are very effective in holding off enemies at bay while your Snipers and Casters do their job.

Guards. You can pretty much live without them for most situations. But picture this: You already have deployed you Snipers, Casters and even subbed your Vanguards with Defenders yet enemies are slipping your defensive line, why? This means your DPS is insufficient and you can’t kill the enemies fast enough before they overwhelm your Defenders’ blocking capacity. This is where Guards come in, your other main source of DPS.

  • There are a lot of types of Guards, but their main role is to supply the extra DPS your team needs.
  • There are Guards that supply Physical DPS. There are also those that supply Arts DPS. You may want to build at least one for each damage type.
  • Guards also come in different ATK Ranges as well as Block Counts. You might need to build one for each type as well.
  • Due to this diversity, it’s difficult to build one unit per type during early levels. It is recommended to build them only when you need them.
  • You can use Guards, instead of Defenders, to sub your Vanguards. Note, however, that Guards are not as tanky as Defenders (although they are much tankier than Vanguards), so they might get killed by hard-hitting enemies. As Lao Tzu said, “know your [enemies’ capabilities] and know your [own limits], and you shall be unbeatable in hundred battles.”
  • Specter is a very safe choice to invest on. She’s an AoE Guard (hits 2 enemies at the same time; 3 enemies at E2) and thus deal very good amount of damage. At the same time, she is one of the key units in advanced gameplays (due to her “invincibility” skill).
  • Mousse is an acceptable choice for Arts Guard, just in case you need extra Arts DPS.

Nukers. Your secret weapon to kill a boss or annihilate a very huge crowd!

  • Requires E2 Promotion. (I can’t think of one who doesn’t need to be)
  • Just borrow them from Friends; it is easier that way.
  • Angelina can do this job for you.

Tactical Units. These are units you build outside of your typical “tower defense” mode.

  • Assassins. Melantha and Vigna can be used to eliminate enemy Elite Casters and other key enemy units (e.g., a radio guy who will expose your hiding units).
  • Bait-and-Stall. Let Gravel bait the bombs from those mosquito drones or let her take some hits from those axe guys to stall them if your defensive line is not yet ready.
  • Derailers. Use Shaw and CliffHeart to derail enemies path, pushing/pulling them toward the pit of doom.

This would be how my squad would look like if I were you. I don’t have GreyThroat, so I put Meteor on her place instead. Also, disregard the levels you are seeing. I already cleared all of the current contents, and my main squad are on E1L50 and above. Some of the operators displayed are not leveled because I have better units than them. In your case, it would suffice to have all of them at E1L20.

Depending on the map, you may want to replace Gitano with Shirayuki or with Specter. Also, if you don’t need two Defenders, you can bring Angelina in. Or if the secondary sniper is not needed, bring Vigna instead. All in all, I recommend you focus on those units in the mean time. Aak is a very fun unit (stick to his S1 for now), but try not to use him first until you get the hang of each roles.

I might've forgotten some things, but I hope these can help you somehow. As always, things from the internet are bland, so take it with a pinch of salt.