I need help to arrange a team for pvp

Hi! I need to have a great team for me to use in pvp

Here are my sp ang ex characters

You can build a good Android Team -
Core -

  1. Revival (the new one) Perfect Cell (red)
  2. Zenkai Android 18 (yel). I recommend getting her to Z3 because it will unlock new unique ability. Don’t forget to Zenkai soul boost her. Thats where you get the unique ability from.
  3. Android 21 Evil (pur)

Bench -

  1. Imperfect Cell (grn) (can be used in core)
  2. Android 14 (grn)
  3. Android 13 (Blu)

Also GT is a good option -
Core -

  1. Ssj4 Goku (pur)
  2. Ssj4 Vegeta (red)
  3. Super Baby 2 (Blu)

Bench -

  1. Ex GT Goku (pur)
  2. Ssj Goku (red)
  3. Scouter Vegeta (pur)

Son Family -
Core -
1 Transforming Ssj Goten (yel)
2. Ssj4 Goku (pur)
3. Ssgss Goku (Blu)

Bench -

  1. LF Ssj2 Gohan (red)
  2. Ssj Goku (yel)
  3. Ultimate Gohan (grn)

Last but not the least, Regeneration-

  1. Android 18 Evil (pur)
  2. Super Baby 2 (Blu)
  3. LF Piccolo (yel)


  1. Buuhan (grn) (can be used in core)
  2. Fat Buu (grn)
  3. Demon King Piccolo (yel)
    Hope this helps.
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Thankss really appreciate it