I need help to build a great Future Team

I need advice for my Future Team, I wanna use this team for PvP. What you thing?!
(All Future Characters that I have)

Actually the one you already have is pretty good. Sadly you don’t have a solid blu unit (since ssj trunks blu is old). So the next time they release a good blue future unit summon for it. Also if they release again the free zenkai trunks blu legends road consider farming for it because he’s the strongest blue future fighter after Vegito Blue atm.


Aspe’ ma sei italiano?


Ohhh ok ahahaha. Salamandra Is the same in italian

Switch your Zamasu (red) with Imperfect Cell (grn). Use only the top row because Mai isn’t good for PvP and Perfect Cell is better than Goku Black Rose.
So in short, your team

  1. Ssj Rage Trunks (yel)
  2. Fusion Zamasu (pur)
  3. Perfect Cell (red)
  4. Imperfect Cell (grn) (can be used in core to counter strong Blu units)
  5. Mai (grn)
  6. Goku Black Rose (red)
    Hope this helps.


What do you think now?

Switch your Legends Road Trunks (Blu) with Mai (grn). That would be better.