I need help to build an ideal Son Family team

I need your help in building a good team.

These are my characters. Should I go with-
SSJ4, Angry Goku and YEL Gohan
RED Gohan, PUR Goten and Angry Goku

I know that Gamepress suggests a Strike-Oriented Son Family, But I don’t want my Gohan and Goten to go to waste. Also, I prefer a Blast-Oriented Son Family, even though it might be weaker. My current team is-
LF Gohan
LF Goten
YEL Gohan
Ultimate Gohan
Spirit Bomb Absorption Goku
Angry Goku

Im confused on what you need help with. Are you asking what characters to battle with? Or are you asking if you should switch out some units for better ones?

Sorry if was not clear before. I’m asking whether it would be wise to use a Blast-Oriented Son Family or not. If not, can i still use my LF Gohan cause he’s 6*. I also have better Equip for LF Gohan.

Yes of course you can use a blast oriented team. Just because gamepress suggests you use a strike oriented team it doesnt mean you have to. Also LF Gohan being at 6 stars means hes gonna put out tons of damage so hes good to have. Although I do have to say that your team lacks necessary defense buffs. Your LF Goten and LF Gohan are all you need for your blast attack buffs