I need help who to roll for my crit-focused Super-Grailed Maou Nobu

So I’m completely new to using this forum and my english isnt the best

Which secondary crit support should I roll to pair with my Maou/Nobukatsu/Nobukatsu comp?

Himiko, Van Gogh, or Douman?

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just random thoughts

1 - Douman will help crit support for chaotic and/or evil teammates. but Maou Nobu is not chaotic or evil, so Douman will not give much support

2 - Himiko will only increase someone’s crit strength if you overcharge her NP. Her skill 1 will not increase crit strength, it only gives you stars every turn. So she has “some” support, but isn’t exactly “dedicated crit support”

3 - Van Gogh … honestly no idea

*4 - Do you have Santa Quetz? she can give a little crit support, though not a lot
*5 - welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy the stay. there is also a general support thread, maybe others can think of better answers

i own santa quetz but shes basically weaker himiko.

about Van Gogh. She has NP charge battery based on how many curse stacks per enemy and per ally and self.

Has a targetable 30% atk up and star gather for an ally, a partywide def down skill, and her np has access to terror, partywide 50% crit and 30% atk up, and 10 crit stars per turn.

Clarification in case anyone reads this wrong: Himiko’s NP provides a minimum of +50% crit damage to the party. Overcharge levels can push it as high as +100%, but you will always get at least the +50%.


75% if you have a single Bodhistvatta. MLB is not needed.

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