I need help with both of my defense teams

Hey guys, I just made a string about my Aether raids offense and you were all very helpful, so I thought that I’d do something similar with my defensive teams, which haven’t been doing super well.

any help is appreciated. I’ll give the builds momentarily



And just so you all know, because someone will mention it, I know that water and anima seasons don’t line up right now

The rest of my barracks:

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initial thoughts for dark:
while the non–adjacent formation can work (and I think is underused), you are essentially sacrificing a degree of overlapping attack ranges to avoid debuffs. Melee units (especially armors) are particularly poor candidates for this strat since they will almost not overlap threat ranges at all if they aren’t adjacent and can easily be picked off one by one. Also, since you are depending on individual units to be more threatening on their own, these setups usually take more investment from merges, premium fodder like rouses, etc. Also, Velouria’s prf has no effect on defense. I’d probably axe everyone from this setup besides Yune and Delthea. Also -too many LND. The most effective defense units tend to be those who can do a lot of damage reliably and are hard to one-round (not “tanky” necessarily). Life and Death goes against this purpose unless you are a firesweeper or AOE user. Generally, you only need 1, maybe 2 tanky units tops to cover area(s) where your defense is most vulnerable to approach.

As for your barracks, Kagero is a goddess on AR-D, but only with premium fodder - a budget Kagero is a dead one. Adding in a dancer (or two) would be a start. Annette was pretty much made for AR-D and would be a good choice for almost any setup.

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Velouria’s prf does work in AR-D, it just doesn’t work with her support. I use times pulse, as shown, and get automatic Luna, which is why I have WoM and keep her on that team
I agree with your Kagero assessment, I just don’t have a very good a slot for her. I have several savage blow units ready for her if necessary. What would be a good b slot for her? (besides lulls, I don’t have lull fodder)
Also, would Saizo be a good unit if I placed a panic manor near him?

fair enough, couldn’t see if she had a support from the screen.

wom is great…if you have a unit that can reliably get into that hp threshold. plenty of good options in the f2p pool for that purpose.

kagero has to avoid being doubled on her player phase at all costs. her spd is mediocre, so she needs automatic follow-up denial as well as be able to pass a spd check from pesky units using things like QR who aren’t snails (like Bike).

fury (chip helps get into WOM range, visible spd), lnd (to try to activate her prf’s condition) are the best A slots on a budget (but makes NFU mandatory and still requires spd investment due to no guaranteed follow-up denial), but sturdy impact is king here hands down. sturdy impact + NFU makes her virtually impossible to be doubled on her player phase unless the enemy also has NFU. or yeah, lull spd/def usually gets her spd high enough to avoid natural doubles. or lull atk/def + spd from her seal.

she can also double as a very accessible AOE user with ouch pouch.

Would mirror impact work if I don’t have sturdy impact fodder?

yeah, definitely. mirror impact has its upsides (less def = better chance to hit WOM range) and more damage from her special (iceberg/glacies is her best special if you run MI), but it is a bit riskier to run due to the chance of getting ko’ed through it by physical units.

it does make you a bit committed to iceberg/glacies though.

Any thought on my anima team?

*bottom two traps especially are too far away from your units.
*rein/azura aren’t the units you want to expose like this typically. a frontliner who can take a hit and is hard to snipe would be better where he is. (selliph, bike, etc)
*hinata isn’t doing anything in his current position, nor is thrasir. a better position would be to move azura left one and use guidance to extend thrasir’s threat range. Then maybe axe hinata.
*duma is a wheelchair right now, but he doesn’t have to be. the main reason to use him would be for the extra catapult to protect your frontliner from getting sniped by an enemy bolt tower (everyone and their mother puts theirs in lane 3-4 on their offense team. this might seem like a pretty specific situation to be concerned about - it isn’t). Putting your own catapult + duma covering lane 3-4 minimizes this and makes your defense harder to approach. duma is quite an ok mythic if you employ this and it costs no orbs or fodder, just aether stones.

I’m seeing a lot of armors… Give a ward armor ball a try in anima. All units with either wary or vengeful, prioritize the ones who have DC built in, everyone gets ward armor as their C-slot, and upgrade your heal tower to place in the middle of them all.

Assuming you’re in T16-ish?

Learn to place your fake traps in less obvious spots. If your goal is wiping their team, try having a cav unit to force them into combat. If you’re more focused on defense, place your traps in spots that will bait your opponents without killing your own team. Fake traps can also help to force tests that waste time.

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I am at tier 21, 22 right now

For your anima team:
they are too boxed in. I feel as if a good mage tank were to be placed, it would be easy to wipe out the main threats. For example, F!Lyon could be placed and probably get rid of Reinhardt, Veronica and L!Azura.

Also Thrasir is trapped in the corner, making her more of a liability. If she had WOM or a way to teleport to other units, it may help her better. Hinata and Duma don’t look like they’d perform too well, either. For a budget build for Duma, you could do Death Blow/WOM build or put wary fighter on him. His A skill won’t be doing much, as he’s next to units. I’ve noticed you’ve invested in quite a bit in Reinhardt. Your anima team may have better success as a cav line. The death blow/WOM build would also help you use Duma more effectively.

For dark:
most of these units look like they could be taken down by a ranged unit. E.g: Nuke mages. A Micaiah could probably take down Surtr and Caineghis. Delthea is a good blue mage, but unless you plan on investing enough in her, I think there are probably better options. And this is coming from someone who’s +10 fallen Delthea.

Unfortunately, Yune is a pretty fragile unit to use without sturdy impact/investment. You could probably go for a guidance trap for her to get more use from her. But I would say try to keep Yune further back from combat. Velouria is trapped in the corner and if she’s used to transform Caineghis, that isn’t necessary since he just needs to be alone. Velouria is generally better in the players hands and a support user for cooldown. Navarre too is better in the players hands. A mage could wipe him out pretty easily.

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Are there any suggestions from my barracks? I’m extremely grateful for all of the feedback I’m getting, it’s just that I don’t know how to fix some of them. I understand some of them, some skill changes, but I don’t know which units would do better

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I would like to do a cav line team, it’s just that my only good ranged cavs are Reinhardt and an unmerged picnic genny. I have some with minimum investment though, like B!veronica sm eirika and bridal louise

Hmm, I would say it largely depends on set up. Like I suggested, a cav line would probably better suit your anima since you’ve invested into Reinhardt. Thrasir and Duma are also pretty decent for cav lines. If you’re interested in developing one, units like Rolf, Cav healer (like Veronica) and easy to merge cavs could work.

For dark, it could be armor ball, infantry pulse team or rally trap. I personally run an IP team on Anima (since Mila’s existence makes it more difficult for IP on Dark). Armor ball requires investment into armors. But I think that will be more difficult to achieve without ward stacking. Also more units have armor effectiveness, so not sure I’d recommend that.
It looks like you only have Yune for dark, so I think a guidance/rally trap may work best for you. Try adding f2p dancers on your dark team and give Yune guidance in the S slot and try to play around with the set up, perhaps? I would also consider that if you are thinking of melee units, think about ones that can counter attack, like F!Tiki. I think - and from my experience- I would say that range units tend to perform better on defense.

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I can give current builds for any unit you guys want to see

Do you have Brave Veronica or Brave Lyn? They are pretty good too.

Else, you may need to start investing into some of them. Like promoting to 5* and then merging them up. 5* unmerged will not do many favors. Nanna, Clarine, Priscilla, Forrest are best 3-4* options, with Ethylene being excellent if you need a grail project. Just note they will need some very expensive fodder. Solos/AR-D skills, Wrathful/Dazzle, Panic+. So if you really want Cavline, this is what you will need for investments. This will halt any other projects you have for arena/AA/ other modes.