I need help with creating a team

I can only post one picture.

SSJ Bardock (BLU)
SSJ Broly (PUR)
Broly: Fury (RED)
LSSJ Broly (GRN)
LSSJ Broly (BLU)
EX Goku (BLU)

FF Coora (BLU)
FF FP Frieza (YEL)
Chilled (PUR)
FF Frieza (YEL)
1st Form Frieza (BLU)
EX Chilled (YEL)

If you happen to draw Angry Goku, he would go well in the first team with a core of Goku, Broly(PUR), and Bardock

Golden Frieza is the missing piece of the second team, making a Core of FF FP Frieza, Coora, and Golden Frieza

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I don’t play this game but I’ve heard Ash Ketchum is pretty good.

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