I need help!


So i play a decent amount of this game but honestly have no clue at what im doing. I have no idea what are the good teams and such and was wondering if any body in this community could help me out.


So those are my SP characters and i dont really know what team to make of them.

PS: If anyone knows a youtube video that like would help me understanding team building, Z abilities and such that would be greatly appreciated as well.

Thank you

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Can I see your EX characters also? You might be able to make a lineage of evil team

These are my EX cards. Do you possibly have a video that explains team building or even a forum post would greatly help.
Thank you

Second Image of EX characters

Lineage of evil team
SP Golden Frieza GRN
SP Meta Coora RED
SP Chilled PUR
SP 1st form Frieza BLU
EX Chilled YEL


Thanks for helping me out dude. Greatly Appreciated