I Need My Dru-gs

Er, refine announcements. When does IS usually give info on refines? I need something to actually look forward to because the next update is not it for me.

The new prf weapons are cool and all, but I really have no interest in using them, and I feel like the last prf weapon I was actually interested in was… Was it Lon’qu’s? Or was he before Odin?

It was a long time ago. :pensive:


They announce refines at the end of every month. We don’t know what they do until the datamine happens. It’s been like this for some time.

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I’m autocorrect now


You are not impressed by Arthur’s glorious +8 to all stats? Smh


I didn’t say I was unimpressed. His prf made him go from a slightly worse Libra to an extraordinary unit, but I’ve no interest in actually using him. :pensive:


Oh Kraz… Is this because the hot men aren’t getting refines?

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I see :/
Well, hopefully Donnel shall get one soon? :)

No, it’s because the units that I’m interested in aren’t getting them. :pensive:

I’m still waiting for Donnel, Henry, Gaius, Jakob, and Jagen refines, not to mention GHB units.

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but Clive just got a refine