I need some advice for a dark season defense

With the release of Hel and me actually getting her I wanted to try a new defense cause my old one sucked so bad.
Here was what I was thinking.

For Units

In terms of other ideas I had,
L!Azura insteadn of Ninian.
Budding bow on Faye
That was about it.
Any suggestions to improve this?
All advice is appreciated.

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You dont need to have armored boots on both armored units, i would recomend changing one of the c skills on either Flora or Faye for ward armor, specially Flora because faye doesnt have the highest of both def/res, so she could be more tankier.
But i dont know anything on AR because i suck on Defense so you can ignore my post if you like.

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Flora is a free snipe - majority of teams with bolt tower have it in lanes 3 & 4, assuming a Mila that would very easily shut down Ninian. So that’s a pretty critical issue there.

Hel probably should be a more front line unit to help debuff them for her allies. Being tucked in the back isn’t really helping her.

The trap placement could easily be improved. The lightning trap (real) is very easily tested, and if they brought a healing tower, would cancel that out OR it even sets up their vantage unit, which could strike Flora again to trigger the defense. A trap should definitely be below the panic manor.


Flora can be sniped easily over the panic manor.

Lysithea can afford to run a higher CD special unless you’re scared of Pulse Smoke, which is fair.

Trap placement is really bad. Either they’re not doing anything or it’s fake (fake bolt trap)

Pretty sure you can solo bait Flora anyways, and also bait Ninian by breaking the panic manor


I think it might be possible to Smite a Supertank in and clean up the armors the next turn
For example, I think I can just shove Mathilda in and snipe Sothis, and take the hits and clean up the next turn