I need some advice For Farming

Ok, you guys that are more experienced. I want some advice for farming based off the CE and servants I have. I really want to farm the fastest way I can

I will take any advice from you give guys. I try to put it practice

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It’s REALLY hard to give general advice, because your team comp should be changing on every single node to fit whatever you’re fighting, but I’ll give it a go.

  1. Shakespeare has a targeted 20% NP charge and an AoE buster buff. Using him and your Kscope, you can make any servant able to use their NP on turn 1. Some servants might not even need Shakey if they have their own battery.

  2. AoE servants are best for farming. That should hopefully be obvious, but servants like Arash, Spartacus, Atalante, and Mordred Rider are your best friends.

  3. You might be able to NP loop (use an NP every single turn) with Mordred Rider. If you have her skills maxed, Paracelsus’ 2nd and 3rd skills maxed, and a Tamamo support, Mordred’s NP should be able to give her 100% NP charge against everything except assassins and Berserkers. Give her your Kscope so she can charge her first NP, and you should be able to 3 turn some nodes. Do be aware though that her damage isn’t outstanding.

Having said all of that though, there’s honestly very little point in rushing your farming unless you’re in an event which you need to use apples on. Just use whatever you want to and don’t worry about how long it takes. It uses up the same amount of AP either way, and you can have more fun using servants you like.

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Paracelsus, surfer Mordred and a support tama-chan should be able to loop once properly leveled now that paracelsus RUQ is available.

Paracelsus and avicebron both have 80%batteries, which can result in back to back np’s if given a kscope, or can easily charge up if given a ce like black grail for damage output

Arash and sparty have great np’s for rarity plus batteries


Level up Arash for general purposes, and even in lancer nodes he will weaken a bit your targets so the rest of the team can kill them in fewer hits and charge NP for the other waves. Eventually when you get your own supports it will become easier to kill most low level farming between 3-5 turns.

Summer Mordred also can loop with a Friend’s Tamamo, Paracelcus and Mash. With Mordred scope, buff Mordred with Para, combat suit him to bring Mash upfront and give Mordred 20% charge, buff with Tamamo, use Mordred skills, and profit. You will need your servants at a proper skill level and with good Fou levels but once you have it, you will farm doors more efficiently and minor trash like hands unless facing assassins. You can use Arash to clear first wave in case Mordred cannot loop consistently for 3 turns because low level skills.

I believe you can do more with your roster, but those two options come to mind for now.


Everybody should raise them and level their batteries and buffs as high as possible. They will make your life SO much easier

Mordred Rider can loop Caster nodes with Paracelsus support and a borrowed Skadi or Waver. (Waver is better.) Her skills aren’t too awful to raise either.

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Arash and Spartacus got 30 battery when their levels maxed and kinda dont care about enemy class. equip them 50 starting np ce’s and with a support waver they can clear 2 waves. since you have kaleidscope you can use any aoe servant (who got type advantage) on last wave. put them in 4th slot and after arash np’s the 4th servant will came to front and you can use waver’s 1st skill on them to np

Try to mlb dragon meridian. Use arash spartacus and Bunyan.Slap scope on arash to have him NP immediately throw an IE on sparty and get his battery to lvl 6 also level his steroid as high as possible. Then use Bunyan with a 50% CE wavers 20% should cover sparty and bunyan. Though Bunyan will need his 30%. You can use Medusa too on non assassin days if you can’t level bunyans Steroids high enough to clear the second wave.

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Eh. Not true. The only reason my arash ignores first and second wave with class disadv is with Bodhisattva. Bunyans buff and debuff. Wavers attack buff and The man’s burst from true ether. all of them being at least lvl 7.and even then he’s foud to a 100

Oh yeah if you have no other 50% ces throw a meridian on bunyan/or literally any aoe servant that will consistently clear second wave for that day(non mlb and use the 20% from association uniform)

For optimal braindead farming, slap an MLB Dragon’s Meridian (since you lack the usual bunch of event limited 50% gauge CEs) on Arash (W1), Bunyan (W2) and Spartacus (W3). You just borrow somebody else’s Waver and boom there you go. This assumes both Arash and Spartacus’ batteries to be maxed tho.

…I’m just repeating what everybody else said, right? :fgo_casgilworry:

In my profile there is a link to a thread about farming in general for new players.

but with your list I can give a bit more detail

Step 1. Get Mages association unfirom

It looks like you’re struggling for materials - Cha Cha is decent here. Sh does have a way to charge her np and you should have her ascension mats. She can clear wave 3 of embers and doors easily enough. You have 1 Kscope which helps

Summer mordred is a fantastic farmer BUT she needs high skill levels and either Nero Bride or Paracelsus at high skill level to loop.

A basic 3t farming setup with what you have

Wave 1
Use Arash 3rd skill. He should have 100% charge even at 1/1/1 skills. Activate Cha cha’s 3rd skill .use Arash Np

Wave 2
spartacus comes in, use Mages association MC to charge him by 20%. Use waver 2nd and 3rd skill use np

Wave 3
Use waver’s 3rd skill on Chacha she should have 100%. Use np

This is with all skills at 1/1/1. But do try to do all strengthenings and interludes as well as np5. try to level the dmg up skill where applicable. If you don’t have MLB dragon meridian or just 1 copy you will need to upgrade Cha Cha’s 3rd skill to level 5

General rule -when in doubt - Berserker it out (except Nighingale obviously)

If you’re trying to farm something like Observatory in Babylonia you’ll need a more specialised and much harder hitting squad to 3 turn