I need some advice on who/what to focus on next in my account

Hi everyone, so I started playing FGO last summer and took a break since the start of the year. I recently came back to FGO last week to discover that the Skadi banner is the next week and that there’s a GSSR banner as well. I just rolled on the Skadi banner and the GSSR banner (extra class) and felt that I was quite lucky (despite my name). I spent a total of 90sq on the Skadi banner (+23 tickets) and got her and I also got Abby on the extra class banner.

Currently, I have already completed Solomon but haven’t started on the pseudo singularities yet. I don’t really know what to focus on next so I need your help. This is what my account looks like as of now. Thank you in advance.

(I also got astolfo, emiya (assassin), and lobo all at Lvl 1)

Generally speaking, its good to have a ST NP and a AOE NP servant for each class.

Off the top of my head:

  • Max out Mash
  • Get a Lvl80/maxed level servant for each class (Shiki, Emiya, Saberlot, etc) since with the arrival of break bars, soloing everything is a maxed out Support is harder and you need a higher spread of capable servants.
  • Check out the Skadi Loop tier guide and see if you want to try investing in Skadi to do so (Parvati/Lancelot is compatible)
  • Abby is worth investing in due to niche Anti-Berseker class typing and gimmcks, Lobo not so much.
  • Strengthen your waifu/husbando for LOVE
  • Check out and finish and Interlude/RankUp quest available
  • Fergus makes a decent AOE Saber. You can imvest in him if you like? Bedivere is a pretty good ST NP Saber if you can buff him right

If you are doing the singularities in order, I suggest getting a strong Lancer at hand, a high level spread thanks to the variety in EOR2/3, and you’re set for EOR4 with good Rider/Casters.

Otherwise just spend time maxing out levels and skills of your favourites.

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Welcome back to FGO! Also grats of pulling Skadi and Abby, both excellent limited servants who can add strengths that’re unique to any roster.

  • First thing that catches my eye is I’m noticing those un-maxed servants. If you need a few to focus or just overall what you should level, try and get at least one of each class max level for better coverage. 5 levels don’t seem like much, but they do matter in the long run. You don’t want a sour turn with an enemy left with a few hundred HP of a breakbar because your servant’s not as strong as they could be.

  • Also to note, if you want to invest in and make use of Skadi, you’ll have to make it to Lostbelt 2 to get her upgrade materials, so you’d have to clear LB1 to access LB2. Speaking of Skadi, she can make just about any Quick servant shine, which you have a good-sized handful of. Along with Skadi, plus Maid Alter’s flexibility as a DPS/Quick support, you’ve got a notably decent quick roster.

  • A few servants to level/skill for farming purposes are Nero Caster, Nitocris, Parvati, and Astolfo with his upgrade.

  • Best boi Arash is also VERY worth putting effort into for his rarity. Wonderful farming servant that can clear pretty much any weak wave of non-lancer trash enemies.

  • Helena is also welcome in any farming party due to her party-wide 20% NP battery

  • Abby is gonna be great for Lostbelts with tons of berserker nodes or just berserkers in general

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