I need some help on creating a team

You can consider me as a rookie I don’t have any SSR but I so have some nice SR servants and I decided to put up a team. I’m considering Rama / Emiya Assasin / Caster Gil. My strategy is to use Emiya to generate crit stars for Rama and use Cas Gil as support but I don’t know if that would work. Any help would be appreciated. If you’re willing to help I can write down all my servants. PS: my servant lvls aren’t that high but I’ll farm them up soon.

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It’s viable in shorter burst battles - It takes 50 stars to guarantee a crit on each and every card.

Cas Gil with a high rank 1st skill will generate stars - a lot of them. Make sure that when he uses his np that you have this skill activated. At rank 10 it’s not uncommon for cas gil to generate 30+ stars on his np. I would suggest a CE that allows him to get his np off faster. Dragon’s Meridian or better

Emiya also has 15 hits on his NP. Make sure Cas Gil’s 1st skill is active when he np. 30+stars is not uncommon . Use a CE that either has arts up or NP gain up

Use rama’s skill to gather stars when there’s not a lot of stars . Watch him go to work. Use a Craft essence that has either buster up or critdamage up.

Focus on arts crits for Emiya and Cas gil. They don’t have the best np gain and their ability to generate stars on np is their strength.

Your biggest problem is keeping your team alive the further you progress the story. So you’ll need to start investing in servants that can keep your squad alive eventually.

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Many Thanks! One more question who would you recommend in late game to keep my team alive

If you post a screenshot of your roster people would be able to give advice on multiple combinations of servants you could use.

Not knowing a lot of your roster a screenshot would be useful.

But Mash is the premiere defensive support in the game. Hans as well as he produces a lot of buffs and healing. Emiya is particularly useful with Mash as you can use his taunt to focus all attacks on mash once she has 1turn invincibility. Mash defensive buff skills + defensive buffs on NP can make a lot of Noble phantasm you recieve hit for laughable amounts

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Thanks I’m adding ss below the question

I’m adding it below thanks

Np, knowing what other servants you have will be useful ^^ a lot of low star servants are useful after all

Ikr I was shocked when I saw that a 2* servant Hans was that widely used ps: I couldn’t put more than photos on a post so I’m putting rest there and sorry for delay I had some problems

I’d defnitely roll on the friend point banner to get at least hans, he is a solid support to use. Combining him with mash and a damage dealer (friend support or your own) would work for content that needs survivability. What stage in the story are you? When you get to camelot there is a significant difficulty spike and there are some servants that are worth investing in to make it easier e.g. eurayle is an great f2p option for dealing with gawain.

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For future reference on the bottom left corner of the screen in the archive you can change how many servants are displayed at one, it’s the button which looks like 4 small squares making a larger one.

Im at London now and I heard that story gets harder at Camelot but I had no idea how to deal with so many thanks about it. And how couldn’t I realize that button at the corner of the screen :smiley: And I really appreciate the help guys thanks to you very much

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No problem ^^ I’m not a veteran but i’m happy to help where i can. Also keep in mind when bosses do get more challenging there are guides available that show which servants match up well against them which you can always refer to if you are having trouble

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Thanks to you it’ll be much easier for me to move on ^^ much appreciation!

You should level your servants for Camelot, these levels won’t cut it. Zerkalot is an excellent buster crit berserker, and Kiritsugu is a great arts-based assassin. For teams, a functional team for you right now (and later) is Kiritsugu (as an arts crit DPS due to Casgil’s low star weight), along with Casgil and support Merlin/Jeanne (to be able to tank NPs). Casgil should with his first ability to provide enough stars for Kiritsugu to crit. As for buster crit teams, I’d say to raise a Hans and borrow a support merlin. The main DPS can be either Rama or Zerkalot. Also, if things get too hard, you can always solo everything with a friend herc/cu alter

Many thanks for advices I’ll focus on leveling from now on

No prob, make sure to pay attention to the daily quest schedule so you can plan how to level your servants efficiently ^^

Not sure if any of my friend supports will help, Jeanne may help for bosses so I’ll just put my friend code here:


Oh so you’re very very new
roll the FP banner every day. Euryale, Hans and Dragon’s meridian Craft Essence are the cown jewels.

I would strongly consider focusing on doing 40ap ember dailies for the meantime. There are a whole bunch of events coming up because summer and they represent a very good opportunity to get some very strong craft essences as well as servants & ascension materials. Try to make your life a bit easier and give yourself a better opportunity to clear the event by at least having some aoe servants. Use the next week or two to do 40ap ember dailies

Try to Max limit Break Spartacus and max ascend him, he’s very useful for clearing trash waves. Same with Medusa. The reason for this is they can charge their own NP bar a bit so they can fire of an np faster and clear the wave.

As I said I really am a rookie :D btw thanks, I definitely not gonna miss the events and do enter gatherings