I need some help on creating a team

You’ve been very helpful and attentive I’m sending request right away :slight_smile:

Kay i’ll accept it when I can, hope you continue to enjoy the game ^^

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A few things I would personally recommend is investing in both Hans Chistian Andersen and Euryale if you have them, Hans is a good budget waver and Euryale will come in handy later on down the line once you start getting into the later singularities. Here’s my friend code if you want some servants for support, 323,706,723

Okay, I’ll invest for’em. Many thanks for advices.

since everyone’s posting their friend codes, here’s mine: 645,535,247, Still working on the levels.

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My main is full, but my Alt has formidable servants too (helpful for you hopefully)

here’s some help:


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really appreciate it

Your Emiya Rama CasGil combo is a bit expensive and has no defensive unit for early parts of the game, you can use Hassan Cursed Arm/Fuuma instead to make your Rama crit for days, with your Mash in tow.

Emiya is also a better DPS for your current situation, pairing him with CasGil is a good move.

And you should level your Nitocris quick, she can clear waves with her NP+death more than you think.

And then your Lancelot is also a premiere crit boy+wave clearer, I’d prioritize him but that’s up to you.

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That line up is good for a short but emiya Ass star generation isn’t particularly high that even CE can compensate that. Try leveling up your mash with all her skill level significantly high enough, also if you’re thinking for arts meta line up level up your mozarts especially 1st and 3rd skill. You might also need Hans max np cuz he can provide that extra juice usually given by waver. Add me too 061,051,689

Many thanks, I’ll definetly try Rama/Hassan/Mash

Much apprecation! I’ll send a request right away when I get the chancr

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I already save a slot for you! Just incase what is you ign?