I need some help with a decision. (POLL)

So I have some build projects in mind.

  1. Nino
  2. Chrom
  3. Roy
  4. Camilla
  5. Seliph
  6. Groom Marth
    (Maybe Felicia as well)
    I am working on Nino now. However, I was wondering which two to work on next. Either Roy or Chrom. I have 7 copies of them each so I only need a few more.
  • Roy
  • Chrom

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Roy, cause he can actually use DC and Renewal. :feh_royyes:

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What are the builds you have in mind for them?

These are what I have in mind.


I don’t think Chrom loaded properly

Fixed it.


I saw my exalt. This is my bias speaking but
build the exalt

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Cool. Ok looking at them some thoughts are

Roy: Overall not bad if you’re going for a more budget build (I’m guessing they both are). 40 speed is nice although I’m not sure if it’s necessary with his QR refine. I guess it helps him avoid getting doubled. And 32 res seems a little low to ploy with these days.

Chrom: Again not bad for a budget build. +Spd is interesting but doable. I might suggest a bond in his seal to go with Falchion refine. Possibly spd/res bond since he’s kinda lacking in those stats (res is especially important if running DC after all). Also while s good special, Aether may not be very useful if he doesn’t have any kind of cooldown reduction. Since he won’t activate it much.