I need somebody to trade me a farfetchd to complete my Kanto pokedex

Hi everybody

I need a farfetch’d to complete my kanto pokedex I have some shinies I can trade for one

My friend code is 3699 2767 0824 also need someone to make 3 trade with me to complete a research task too hit me up thanks :blush:

Sorry to say, but distance trading is not possible. You can only trade with people in up to 100 meter radius.


Yeah, I wish they’d add distance trading

For regionals there are a few choices

-Travel there
-Wait for an event
-Trade with someone who got the pokemon in an event
-Trade with someone who got the pokemon in the corresponding region.

Non Legit (cheat/Exploit)

  • Spoof
  • Trade with someone who spoofs
  • Create a “fake” account, share details with someone in the corresponding region, then recover the account and trade back into your main

One could argue you don’t know if a player got the pokemon spoofing or being legit so potentially trading it will be enough for one’s conscience.