I need to ask about edison

Hello there i just got edison just now and i have read some reviews is he really that bad ? Since im a newbie i wanted to know if he is that bad, if he is bad then i would level hans instead of him

He is one of the best stall casters in the game.

subjective opinion for sure, but man i love using him.

Of course you need to do his rate ups, But he is not a stand alone servant, just fun to use in art stall teams.

It’ not that he’s bad but more that he’s niche.

He has a upgrade coming next year which will allow him to reduce one Ally’s skill cooldowns by 1 and his Noble Phantasm got one rank up last year, he’s actually quite good after it.
He has a decently powerful AoE NP, AoE Skill Seal, AoE NP seal and AoE attack/crit down,he’s also the only servant that can increase another’s overcharge effect by 2 stages with everyone with similar skills having it capped at 1.

Although i talked about his strengths, his weaknesses are quite heavy. His attack is low and he has no actual steroids of hos own, he can clear a weak 1st or 2nd wave at NP1 but don’t expect much damage. His 2nd skill packs the most universal utility before his upgrade and it has a gigantic 10 turn cooldown.

Early on you will see more benefit towards leveling Hans (with his skill upgrade coming next year too) but Edison can be good, especially with Arts supports of which there are many good budget options. Keep him in mind especially if ypu manage to get servants like Nitocris and Tamamo (who greatly benefit from his kit even without the upgrade)


he’s fun to use and “interesting”. He’s a tanky caster that can create stars while allowing you to stall (especially good if you dont have the other stall options). I would recommend levelling hans first though since hans always useful, then levelling edison.

I actually have tesla too at the same time i have seen people commenting on youtube videos saying he is good with tesla but i dont understand what they meant

I think its more of a meme since they are always fighting in FGO lore.

ive never had tesla, so I can not confirm…But it would be funny if they had special Dialogue when used together(With helena)

I see then i will level up hans then thx

Outside of memes? They’re actually quite solid.

Tesla is a Archer, meaning he has high star weight and can absorb the stars Edison generates with his 2nd skill.

Tesla has extra damage against Earth and Sky servants tied to his Noble Phantasm’s overcharge, which Edison can increase and thus changes from 1.5 to 1.75 times more damage.

Tesla, after his future interlude, can greatly increase the party’s NP generation for 3 turns on a 5 turn cooldown which Edison very much appreciates and can increase the uptime even more via his 1st skill if need be.

If you add Helena and only use Edison’s 1st skill on himself, you have a team that:

  1. Passively generates 15 stars every turn for 5 out of 8 turns
  2. Has 3 AoE NPs
  3. A Party wide 20% charge + 1 passive of 10% and one 50% single
  4. 2 out of 3 have low star weight and asuch don’t eat stars from your main attacker who has no star weight skil

Design and characterization: pure joke that ventures into the cringe worthy.

Gameplay is much better. He’s Nitocris’s BFF vs silver enemies helping to reach 500% oc she needs to guarantee death against them. Face cards are on the weak side, but np can still clear a wave of assassins or zerkers. And if you search around, @jakeyb has videos of Edison clearing CQ’s utilizing his stall abilities to the fullest.

Maybe a bit niche for a new account but still a nice servant to have around.


Best stall servant in the game imo

Run him with Waver + Tamamo and the enemy never gets to NP or crit

It’s very satisfying

Also, lily Mysty said, good for helping Nitocris and other servants with important overcharge effects on their NPs


I just got tesla, so I checked out their my room dialog. Tesla never speaks about other servants that I could tell. Helena has a line for Holmes and DaVinci but not them. Edison though, oh boy! He HATES tesla.

Sadly i dont have helena ;(

This is golden. Every time I see them together in the story/ Event story I always find myself laughing at the way they bicker at each other.

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