I need you intellectuals

Okay here goes I’ve tried everywhere I couldn’t get help

Long story short I lived in Hong Kong for 6 years and returned home November
Legends matchmaking is Region locked
Basically I cannot play the game online haven’t been able to play co op or pvp for 3 months
Dev team won’t help.
Around 2 years ago one of the gamepress guys got help changing region in the ECD
I need help doing the same because I Basically cannot play on my 900 day account

Man that’s so sad to hear… My account has been active for almost 400 days and I can’t imagine losing it.

Back on the old days when Pokémon Go was launched it wasn’t released on my country, I’m from Mexico and the game was only available in USA. So I changed the play store app region with an apk that wasn’t on the store… in order to make it happen i had my phone rooted… In case you have an iPhone it’s gonna be harder man, jailbreak it’s somehow more difficult on IOS, also… since Pokémon go wasn’t launched on my country yet my account got banned weeks later xD. Have that in mind. Also I can’t believe you can’t play pvp but you can play pve… it doesn’t make any sense to be honest. Did you try re-installing?.