I need your help to create some teams for top 10000

Hello everyone I need your help to create some good teams or fun teams and a bit strong to play them at rank 50, give me ALL YOUR IDEAS guys TY ! You Can help me at optimizing my teams too (I’m F2P BTW)
Curent teams for grind the ladder :
GT Team : Baby vegeta 6*, Goku ssj 4 3*, Vegeta ssj 4 3*, GT Vegeta ssj 8*, GT Goku ssj 8*, Shallot ssj3
Saiyan team : Goku transforming lf 4*, Goku zenkai 8*, bardock 2*, Goku ssj4 3*, Shallot ssj3, Goku ssj Gt 8*
Ssj team : Goku zenkai 8*, bardock ssj 7*, green gogeta ssj 3*, Vegetto lf 7*, Gt Vegeta ssj 8*, Shallot ssj3
Movie Team : Bojack 3*, Gohan transforming ssj2 3*, Vegeta transforming 6*, Goku absorbed genkidama 2*, Broly F2P 14*, Green Cooler 7*

SP SuperSaiyanRoseGokuBlack
SP FutureGohan(Green)
SP FutureSuperSaiyanGohan(Yellow)
SP FutureSuperSaiyan2Trunks(Blue)
SP Zamasu(Red)
SP GokuBlack(Purple)

You can try using a strike based saiyan X son family team

Core: LF Goku, Transforming Gohan, SSJ4 Goku
Bench: could be Otherworld Goku, LF Goten, Absorbing SB Goku

OR a full fusion team

CORE: Super Vegito, Vegito, Blue Gogeta
BENCH: SSJ3 Gotenks, GRN Gogeta, SSJ Gotenks