I never hear anyone about Ogma and his refine

Loads of the refined characters come up in discussions, but never really Ogma.

He seems to be ignored, despite being a rather solid swordfighter. Especially in teams using infantry pulse.
That weapon brings his atk to 55 if active and his speed to 38.
And heavy blade.

The activation isn’t even that hard. A flier or Infantry within 2 spaces is maybe the easiest to use of it’s type.

I just find it wierd that he’s so overlooked

Edit: So it mostly comes down to everyone being afraid of some oily muscle man?

well his art uhmmmm … kinda not good

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Tbh, there’re way cooler sword infantry units outthere that need less investment then him.

So it’s kinda meh.

Because the art is not really my taste.

A valid reason.

But still, that can’t be the only one

@Lain well, I guess dew is investment. But from what I can see, he really doesn’t need much beyond that.

I guess it’s a combination of:

  • An good refine but it’s not very original
  • Ogma lacks popularity
  • The art it’s not so great.

I think the main problem is how he’s muscled. It’s not very good looking… He looks like an old bodybuilder xD

His refine is good, but it’s basically the same as when Seliph got his refine.

“Oh cool, it exists now. Next?”

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@Kirchou That might be it. I will say he has the benifit of having one of the best base effects on his weapon. But still.

And yeah, that about oily men was just a joke. I know his art is kinda ehh.
Though I problem is more his posing that the muscles.

I like Jagen from the same artist quite some more.

@Krazytre Seliph’s refine is pretty fun though. Not dying is quite helpful.
Not an easy weapon to build around though

Yeah, it’s fun, but there’s not very many people that are actually willing to build him when they have a long list of other units that need Dew.

And have better art.

Ogma is good with his said refine, but sadly i have tooo many sword units on the bench that im working on like Alm atm that im not focused on him…

But who doesn’t like muscle and oily men ?! :open_mouth:

I know it was a joke. I was joking too but it’s hard to transcribe sarcasm in writing. xD

Damn you, written text!

@Krazytre Yeah, the ever present sword problem.
Might try and find a build for Seliph, but many people will just ignore any sword unit that’s ‘good, but not special or amazing’ which is fair

It’s a bit tricky of a refine. If you want the heavy blade to go off, I think you need the 4 atk from the effect refine, which means he has to deal with positional restrictions which tend to tie him to enemy phase, but then his def is a bit marginal. If he had 32+ def I think this refine would be significantly more popular.

Am I the only one that thinks his art looks completely fine? Yall probably think HS!Camilla’s art is good.


I dont mind his art honestly, its unique in its own right

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… Your leap in logic is astounding.

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