I never realized that it's hard to choose a dancer when you use your brain

During my Black eagles playthrough, I just chose Flaynn cause she was there at the moment I was deciding who to choose and then later realized that her affinities are perfect for the class.

But now, On my Blue lions playthrough, I am not sure who to pick, I recruited Marianne, Leonie, and Bernie into the team and it filled the team comp, having Mercedes being benched for some time( I feel bad for her, especially since I’m in my Blue lions playthrough).

I was thinking of making Marianne into my dancer but Flayn is better at that role and I am planning to make Marianne into a dark knight(Horse mage Cav).

Damn, so hard to choose.

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Seems easy to me.


I was joking to myself of making Dedue into a dancer, but now I am quite interested in making him one.

Allow me to make my case for a moment… Just hear me out.




Using your brain in 2019?
Omegalul :bklul:


I’m pretty sure this is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life

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People have brains in 2019?



I don’t get it either :legion:

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Sylvain is a great dancer, he was one of my stronger units, tbh.

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I read that Annette can be useful as dancer.
She can support with dance or her rallies if she has high autority.

Not playing the game, just reading around.

That actually makes sense.


Marianne is an amazing Holy Knight. She’s unbelievably good. I think it would actually depower her to make her into a dancer. Leonie is obviously a super tank bow knight. So definitely not those too… they are two of the best students the golden deer has. If Flayn can become a dancer (I must have missed it), she’d be a perfect option since she otherwise sucks as a healer unit anyway and her stats are trash.

Flayn/Lindhart are two of the best dancers because of their movement magic (rescue/teleport)
Lysithea too but her offensive stats are so amazing it would be a waste to make her a dancer!

But again in 3H : too much good chara and so few unit slot in battles…
Flayn as actually pretty workable stats.

Use Sylvain. His charm is through the roof. also he looks cute in the gear


I thought this thread was about using a non- L!Azura dancer lol :feh_azura:

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My Dorothea was trash, so easy pick for me.

Uh oh…


You lose her if you stick with Edalgard

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You have no idea how bad I want to like this but I can’t. I haven’t been able to like in so long

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Easy choice for me.