I never want to fight Giovanni again

Took me FIVE OR SIX GODDAMN tries to beat him, all because of Persian. Is it possible to hate on a Pokemon that you never really cared for to begin with!? Because, my God, DO I HATE THIS GODDAMN CAT!!

I mean, yes I beat him, but at what cost? My goddamn sanity!! I was cooking dinner for my mom (it’s her birthday today) and I was honestly thinking of burning myself, just because I kept losing! (Honestly, is Scrafty good against Persian, since it’s both a Fighting and a Dark type? Because I’m honestly thinking of raising my Scraggy up…)

Again, ■■■■ YOU AND YOUR PERSIAN! YOU RUINED A GOOD DAY FOR ME! I’m off to go question if I’m a good trainer or not… The answer is NO. NO I AM NOT!!

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If you take something a little more seriously than needed yes

uhhh did you want him to be easy
That really wouldn’t feel like a satisfying victory now would it?
You beat it, and yes you lost a few times prior but stop focusing on those failures. Those were the foundation for your victory. You should feel satisfied after all those attempts. That’s what makes difficulty enjoyable. It gives a sense of accomplishment once defeated.

please stop with this self doubt
there is no such thing as a good trainer
there are only two types of trainers: those that are willing to continue and those who are willing to give up. Be glad—no, be proud you are the former and willing to keep trying.

don’t hurt yourself over a bunch of animated pixels it’s not worth it please


I don’t want him to be easier.

I begin to lose my mind if I lose more than 4-5 times in a row and I get those thoughts of harming myself.

First time here, hello everyone.

Welp, Umbriel has a point.

Even if I lost 69420 times on this game I would still continue, a defeat is a defeat and serves as a lesson to improve and try again.
It’s not worth commiting self burn (or any kind of suicide) because of an unlucky streak on a videogame.

Well, any fighting type Pokémon should be a good counter against a Normal like Persian, but if you don’t have a Dark Pokémon in your team (or a replaceable Dark Pokémon in your team) then training the one you mention is a good idea, an ideal team would have about half the types available in the game


I lost hundreds of times to a very hard boss once.
But I chose to control the game, not let it control me




Heyo :wave:t2: Umbriel from the #fire-emblem-heroes section.
I like your [Profile Picture]

Anyways Supa, it’s not even worth hurting yourself for a game, if you can’t win against a foe then there’s something you must be doing wrong, and seeing that I’ve played #pokemon-go for a while it’s ideal to have more than just a few Pokémon trained in your team…of course, the higher the IVs the better but it’s not a necessity


It’s how my brain works. If I lose 1-2 times, it’s fine as long as I can rematch them. If I lose three times, then I start questioning myself. If it’s more than 5 times, I get upset… Mostly upset at Myself

Don’t worry, I didn’t hurt myself.

That’s good… but Supa, don’t ever think of hurting yourself, it’s not going to do you any good, sure a loss is regrettable but errors take place to tell us where to improve… and they happen.
No human being is perfect, and I’ve commited many mistakes mainly in games but I often find myself trying again, be it now or later — and see how can I improve

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Scratch still demolishes Scrafty. That’s the main concern since Feint Attack is nothing compared to Scratch’s massive DPT. Even Lucario might not stand a chance against Scratch despite resisting Normal. My usual answer to Persian is my Magnezone but just about anything that resists Normal, has a little natural bulk and charges up charge moves quickly will do. (Metagross might do, but never use it before scouting for Feint Attack.)

Anyway, against Scratch Persian, or ANY OTHER Rocket Admin/Snorlax Grunt, place your lead on the BACK and draw it out instantly to give you 2 secs of extra energy. This is VERY important. Your Pokemon might die with Persian having some energy left, but the next Pokemon you send out might still farm it down and potentially have enough energy to dent the upcoming Pokemon as well.

This is how everything works out on my part. Yes, this persian is scratch and I took an attempt to scout the Nidoking.

As for Suicune, just Magnezone or Zekrom it (Latter only if it does not have Ice Fang). Watch out for Snarl/BB Though.

If Persian has scratch, Altered Giratina with Dragon Breath and Dragon Claw takes it down without too much trouble, since it doubly resists normal from its ghost typing, and has a huge pile of HP.

If Persian has Feint attack, that spells trouble for Giratina. Scrafty should do well against feint attack, but so should any fighting type, fairy, or dark type.

If you’re worried about not being a good trainer, well, one way to get better is to know your matchups. There’s advice posted on how to beat all the rocket leaders - learn it, and you’ll do better against them.

Fought Sierra today. Poliwrath used three power up punches against Beldum (knocking out 2 shields and building up attackstats, then a fourth before Dynamic punch against Lapras, a few more mud slaps, and then another PuP to finish Lapras off while farming a touch of energy, and finally one dynamic punch polished off Houndoom.

Sure, that’s an easy team for Poliwrath, but good preparation makes it’s own luck. And remember, the stuff you should do to get better isn’t stuff you can’t do, it’s stuff you haven’t done yet.

Ummm… I don’t have it. I can rarely do Legendary Raids nowadays.

So, I drew this:

Slingshots are strong Against balloons!

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Too bad the first one now is Lapras.

Shadow Claw really doesn’t have any issues against it as well. Source: I did it in early Giovanni days. Now I just rely on placing my team composition backwards so Machamp and Obstagoon can kill it with 10 HP left and proceed to chip down the next Pokemon.

Use Tyranitar, preferably with Smack Down. It resists both Feint Attack and Scratch. Against Rocket leaders and Giovanni, resisting their fast moves is more important than dealing super-effective damage.

Some people are dog people 🤷🏻

Not me… I’m actually afraid of dogs

I use her, but she has Bite right now… Is Smack Down a legacy move? (I hope not, because I have no clue how to get Elite TMs right now)