I no longer have a green merge project

At first, my original Arena core was Caeda, Catria and Camilla, but I had to make changes after that season with Legendary Chrom. As of right now, my core is just Caeda, Itsuki and Virion. Caeda and Virion are only there because I’m waiting for Altena merges since she’s replacing Catria for blue and my plans for a green unit are up in the air right now.

My original goal was to +10 Flame Emperor, but two things put a damper in that: Legendary Edelgard and a lack of grails and feathers. My thinking was I would just save up for merges later down the road, but as of right now we don’t know what Brave Edelgard is going to be and she might be easier to merge up (note I can’t use the free pick as a merge because I need that when following f2p guides). But there are no guarantees she will be a green axe unit like her other versions. I know Ross and Echidna are things, but I don’t have enough manuals or feathers to do so, I can’t summon for a while and, I cannot stress this enough, I DON’T WANT TO. But I have a feeling everyone is going to tell me that I HAVE to merge up a Ross (as I have enough manuals for +9) even though I have no idea what kind of build to do. Honestly, I’d rather have an armored unit since I already have an infantry and a flier so Flame Emperor seems to be my only option at the moment.


Well the grails and feathers will.come naturally with time. The one nice thing about grail farming being so slow is that it gives you time to farm the 20k feathers without much grinding.
As for B!Edelgard, she will most likely NOT be an axe unit. Even Hector didn’t use an axe in his brave alt

Everyone who will tell you to merge up a unit like Ross, Flame Emperor or Echidna has optimal competitive strategy in mind. You say you want an armored unit, so that’s what you should aim for because that will make you happy. Right now only Flame Emperor is a good modern easily accessible axe armor, as you stated. It won’t hurt to start building him up as he costs 0 orbs to fully merge, and he will put in good work for you for a long time with enough investment. In the meantime, you can save up orbs for copies of L!Edelgard. Even just one copy of her will be worth it. Pick a good banner she’s on and then put your orbs to maximum use. I’d say a good L/M banner to do this on will have her and two green heroes sharing her color that are amazing as combatants and/or fodder, and at least 2 of 3 heroes of another color on the banner are worth getting as backup in case no greens show up on circles. The more colors you pull on for a banner, the more efficiency you get out of your orbs.

Just do what you can to continue playing the patience game and spend resources as optimally as you can. That’s how FEH beats you, if you let impatience get the better of you. Many players are stuck doing the same thing. :+1:

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I mean it’s not like you really need a green merge project…

I hope B!Edelgard is an axe unit so people will complain about how she’s the same weapon every time. Like how they did with Micaiah but they won’t cause it’s Edelgard and not Micaiah so “it’s fine”

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But Micaiah has been a different color with each alt, and heck she even has 2 different movement types

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Except every Micaiah so far hasn’t had the exact same weapon type and color :feh_almbruh: just the same effect

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great minds think alike look at the comment above you

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Yet people complained about how “Micaiah is the same every time” cause dual effectiveness and tome user.

Probably because literally each Micaiah alt is a mage with armor/cavalry effectiveness.

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Because she brought next to nothing new in terms of effectiveness, and only a color change.

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I hate saying this again, but you really seem to have a hard time understanding that bringing up this perceived awful Micaiah treatment will only further propagate it…it’s like you’re looking for an excuse to bicker about it even though it wasn’t brought up, when in reality that’s what starts it up again (and derails some threads). No offense meant, just my take on it.

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I already have a +2 Legendary Edelgard and I’m only asking this for my main account, not my f2p account (which I’m not even considering those right now since I just started it last month). It’s just I don’t have a good green merged unit to use right now while I’m waiting for grails and feathers. It’s actually going to take longer than you think because I need an extra copy or two of Flame Emperor for use in f2p guides since a difference in stats can make the whole thing fall apart. I remember in Bramimond’s MHB that even though I downgraded the Guard Axe, I was forced to improvise a bit at the end. I still managed to clear it, but I lucked out that I was able to do that.

I mean, look at how his previous thread ended up : being called out for how much of a crybaby he is.

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Are you talking about me or the guy complaining about Micaiah?

Edit: Never mind. I checked the response.

The guy complaining about Micaiah.

As for what you can do in the meantime while building up Flame Emperor…I guess take advantage of as many bonus units as you can? I’m not sure what else to do about it until then. Sucks that your flying core got ripped apart by L!Chrom’s debut.

Could probably still work, honestly, although Catria might need a change in build.

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It was bound to fall apart eventually due to BST creep. I’m annoyed how fliers get the short end of the stick when it comes to scoring (except Lilith) and skills since they’re my favorite units to use.

Cavaliers would like to know your location.

I’ve seen showcases of flier emblems that still work well to this day in Arena, even with lower BSTs. Might want to do as @Krazytre suggested and take a step back, analyze how you can improve your core and possibly overcome their weaknesses. I don’t have as much experience in dealing with high-scoring Arena opponents (yet; I’m starting along that path now) but you can run some sample theorycrafts in the duel simulator to see how you can overcome this glaring obstacle with your core.