I now get it - B!Alms Solo Weapon Effect

So some people, including me, were a little bit confused on why B!Alm would get a Omni Solo effect on his Falchion, but the answer to this’s as simple as I’m dumb:

Warning: There’re spoilers to FE games


It’s a reference to Wolf Berg, Walharts weapon.

B!Alm is the Alm after the events of SoV, also where he already was the Saint King of Valentia.
And as we know Walhart is the successor or descendant of Alm, so it makes sense that those two have similar or same weapons.
By the way weapons B!Alm and Walhart have basically the same weapon:

Alm has the effectiveness against dragons, cause Falchion.
Alm and Walhart have a stat boost, Alms +3 Atk and Walharts +3 Def.
And lastly the Omni Solo which is the exact same effect, but Alms is +5 instead of +4 cause powercreep.

So all in all really interesting and lovely detail, which my dumbass only saw afterwards smh.


Yeah no
This is Brave Alm, right?

And this is his Meet the Heroes page

That means Brave Alm is the Alm before Duma was killed, which isn’t Saint King Alm
Instead, Legendary Alm is the Saint King variant

His title is literally “Saint-King”
Not only that, but the description confirms it even more


Saint King is just a title for him, since people after the stuff from SoV/Gaiden knew him as the “Saint King Alm I”.
B!Alm also talks in the story stuff with the CYL 3 peeps about how it 's to be the King of Valentia, so we can be certain that B!Alm is already King of Valentia.


If anything, Wolf Berg is a reference to Alm, not the other way around

I know what you meant, don’t worry


Storywise yes
FEH wise it’s the other way around though



That actually makes a lot of sense. Interesting. :feh_almdab: