I played like phatt sheit in Summoner S lmfao (hbu?)

Man. I wasnt expecting my power spread out to be so hard to understand. Ah well. I had fun, more then I woulda if I was allowed to use my final form.

Anyway. Even soren gets smashed sometimes.

How yall do so far?

look at me in beginner mode… Like a cute lil clubbed seal :feh_stoopidkempf:

Anyway. S is way more fun then R. For me so far. More fun teams to see when people actually are forced to change it up a bit. This is my first time in the lettered duels. Couldn’t be bothered last time. Imma lil sad I cant keep going. Its a growing process, duels.

You start off being trash. Improve. Have fun. Smash. Get bored.


I’m gonna leave my experience to the last day and build/practice my last two teams. They still need field-testing. I’ve only practiced my farm-animal marching-ball of death and my Ophelia + P!Hinoka comp, my A!Laegjarn + Riev instant AOE comp and my pathfinder + canto comp still need investing and testing.


Mm hmm. Its super fun to build teams, sadly I.made the wisest decision and didnt test a thing. Fortunately no one ever chose team 1 outa my group. Unfortunately… I also didnt. I wanted to play with my other teams.

I use rein and kempf all the time. I thought itd be fun to experence my flyhardt with horse range! And it was… Till I got a big ol smakky poo form fjromy kun.

I shoulda went with the defensive build on him lol.

Most people didnt lemme test my lexy team… That made me sad. 5rng vantage lex is super hot. I guess they fear corn… :feh_elisad:


I just threw some teams together without much though beyond coverage, putting in some units known to be difficult to throw the enemy off from the teams with my actual invested units in and that’ll do. Did one battle and won so I’m on the board for rewards and I’m done. No sense putting in effort for rank when all the rewards are the same.

Seems to be better than R though so hopefully we’ll have a Highlander situation, there can be only one.


Terrible, the stupid mode said I couldn’t have any empty ally slots, so I just filled my teams with whatever Lv 1 units. Really annoying to have to go through those extra steps just to surrender game…




I don’t think lol, just spread my strongest/most used units evenly so the opponent can’t really escape (my) bullshit

I don’t plan to play in the long term anyway.


I can’t even play because I haven’t played enough normal SD to get the required badge :feh_nino:


Wait Summoner Duels S is on?


Okay no sarcasm – the IDGAF attitude when approaching gacha is healthy tbh x)) the less concerned you are, the stronger you hold against gacha temptation


Easier to face the opponents that have Yuri and F. Eldelgard. Did a few battles and stopped at rank 3. And since people tend to block out my two separate teams with F. Eldelgard and Eirika the most, I found the perfect team for me. And no I don’t have a single copy of Yuri who is a pain in the butt.


No meta unit - pain
Have meta unit but don’t have good appropriate fodders - extra bread


Well I gotta say not as bad as the other Summoner Duels! Being able to stop Fatalgardes and B!Eirikas has been nice! That and running around with my infantry meme team has been nice!

Did a lot better than I was expecting, looks like my Armor Emblem and Aversa team worked as fine veto bait!

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Same here. IDGAF about SD anyways, so…



Is 1k the limit right now? I’m not seeing anyone past it


It is. I saw TMFM hit that cap earlier.


This version is definitely an upgrade of SDR. It is still stressful but the ability to ban things and the 1000 score cap take at least some of the pressure off it. I even fought a Peri and an Ishtar which I hadn’t seen in SD in a long time.

Unfortunately most people found out that team 4 is my fake team so I ended up using team 2 a lot, which is not great on this open map to say the least.

I suspect that once we reach the higher tiers the mode will also become unplayable like SDR though.