I really need a skaddi 10/10/10 with Kaleidoscope (can be non-mlb)

the tiger CQ is really a bitch, without her I can’t pass it ::frowning:
If anyone could lend a skaddi just this once I would be happy.
this is my id: 103,036,574

I’d recommend checking out FGO Friend/Support list megathread part 2 for friend requests.

On a side note, Skadi generally doesn’t get used for her NP.
Was there a specific reason why you needed to use her NP on the first turn?


Probably the evade, but then again you would not need it turn 1.

It’s the turn one thing that has me concerned.

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Scope does help by making it so you don’t need to charge it up for later turns


Fair enough.

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pretty much what Arcana said, the additional survavability is good

My main question is this: Do you absolutely need to have 100% NP on that first turn?
If not, if you just need to have access to the NP as much as possible, Prisma Cosmos might be a better option, since it has passive NP regen, so you can attack primarily with your damage dealer while still charging Skadi’s NP.

I just need to pull off 1 well timed Skaddi NP tha’ts all. don’t even need her at np 2 nor high lvl… really just the basic kaleido and lvl 10 skills that’s all I need

I could put my Skadi with a Kaleidoscope. She’s 10/10/10 but only at level 70, if that’s okay

I might have to switch her back to C.K.T. after a while too, since I don’t have a Waver to replace her on my support list

That’s fine to me, thank you for the help

just sent a request, Skadi’s in my All slot

You can use mine if you wish 033.180.046 caster slot and also has musashi NP2 with MLB Grudge Match