I really need help on building my team, please mastah T.T


What team can i build from my acquired characters?

I would probably go for a Saiyan Team:
Core: SP Gogeta (Blue), SP Gotenks SSJ3 (Yellow) and SP Vegeta (Blue)
Bench: SP Vegeta (Purple), EX Raditz (Blue) (If you have him) or EX Goku (Blue) and SP Super Saiyan Goku (Red).

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Hi my dude, from what I see (showing us all the units you have could be better, think about it next time) you seem to have some good characters Already, you might not end up with a complete line up but you already have some things to work With.

Here is what I advise you to try for yourself :

Lineage Of Evil : core - FF Coora Blue, FF Frieza Yel, Metal Coora Red
For the bench Idk what characters you still have so anything Buffing Lineage of Evil/ Frieza force could do It

Fusion Warrior/Sayan Team : SSJ3 Gotenks Yel, Gogeta Blu, Vegeta Blu, for the Bench I see EX goku blue so put him in it, SP SSJ goku red is Okey, if you already have all this just end up by putting EX Raditz in there or any Sayan boosting Character (since SSJ3 Gotenks Yel already buff health for Himself and Gogeta) be careful about the type tho, if you run this one you’ll be in a Blu Blu Yel, which isn’t that great so be careful.

Keep us updated about the new units you get if you do get new ones and want to know if there’s better team composition to use.

Cheers on you and Good Luck, hoping That my answer was helpful in some ways

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Great ones! I’ll try it as 1 of my teams! Really appreciate ur advice, thanks masta! :pray::pray::pray:

Wow such a detailed answer… I will definitely try all of ur suggestions! Thankyou masta LazzKwat!! xD
Here is my complete units:


Okey so for the Frizea/LineAge of evil team I’d do

Core - FF Coora Blu, FF Frieza Yel, Metal Coora Red.
Bennnnnnnnch - EX Thousers Pur (It buffs Movie Saga so it’ll be beneficial for both Coora Variants.)

  • Ex 1st form Frieza Yel( Benefits Frieza Only)
  • Ex 3rd Form Frieza Pur (Benefits everyone)

Sorry if the total stats bonus is not that high, you don’t have all the units needed for a complete line up, that being said, It should be working kinda Okay. keep us updated of your units i’ll be glad to help again.

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Cant be more thankful… Thanks bro :pray:
I’m trying to get golden frieza, but it’s too late because i just start playin 1 week ago…
I’ll try my luck on drawing lineage of evil 1/2 more times :joy:
I’ll ask you again later!

Hello master LazzKwat!
Can i ask you the best team for my updated chara?
Saiyan? Hybrid? Sonfam? LoE? Or else?
I put some screenshots here!






Any kind of opinion or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! :pray::pray::pray:
Help me to build the best team for pvp :sob:

You can run a son family team.
Core- Kaoken Goku (blue), Ultimate Gohan (green) and LF SS2 Gohan (red)
Bench- SS3 Gotenks (yellow), Gohan ex (red) and Super Trunks (green)

Yo !
I’m sorry I’ve Been out for a few days and totally forgot to check out for new posts.

So Seeing your units I’d say you could do One decent team :

-Son Family Team -
You have some pretty good units within that tag and more importantly, you have LF SSJ2 Gohan RED which is one of the best units in the game atm so we might be able of finding a team working arround him, even if it’s not the optimal one.

On the Core I’d use :

  • SP LF SSJ2 Gohan RED, top tier unit, insane blast attack and obnoxious buffs whenever team members are KO
  • SP Kaioken Goku BLU, in son family teams (especially if you’re running SP LF SSJ2 Gohan RED, you NEED a Goku variant to make the team truly work, Kaioken Goku, even if he’s not as strong as he used to be, is still a very solid unit, his transformation makes his stats very competitive and his Special Move, when buffed, is still a Mini-nuke by itself.
  • SP Ultimate Gohan GRN or SP SSJ Future Gohan YEL (you have him at 3 stars so his Z ability applies to Hybrid Sayans As well)
    Both Are great units a bit powercreeped but still Playable in PVP today Imo
    Since Ultimate gohan buffs Blast attack and Future gohan Strike attack, It depends on how you want to play the team ( more arround Kaioken Goku or SSJ2 Gohan)
    If I was you i’d Use Ultimate Gohan Green but since there are a lot of strong Purple fighters in the current meta, considering Future Gohan as an option is not bad.

About the Bench Members i’d use :

  • SP Young Gohan YEL : Health Buffing Z-Ability for Hybrid Sayans
  • EX Young Gohan RED : Blast Attack Buffing Z-ability for Son Family fighters
  • SP SSJ2 Gohan PUR : Strike Attack Buffing Z-ability for Hybrid Sayans

this bench gives your character an “All arround” Buff, the only weakness is Blast Defense (since Goku Buffs Strike Defense for Son family members), so Be careful whil playing this team, even if LF SSJ2 Gohan RED and Kaioken Goku BLU are pretty solid, they’re still out of defense buff.

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