I really want it

So ive been rerolling already for almost a week but i still cant get a silverash and exusai, anybody with extra rerolled account containing them both? i really want it :ak_redwut:

Just… play… it’s not worth the time and effort.

You’ll get them eventually.


I would say just play if you starting to get sick on rerolling, Arknights’s pretty easy on the gacha as long as you have time. And sooner or later, they’ll appear on the shop that you can grab them from using one of the in-game currency.

Rerolling is pointless in my humble opinion. I never do it. You will get good units eventually, don’t worry. It’s a matter of when rather than if you get said unit. Just play the game and use the units you can get, the beauty of Arknights is that you can complete stages even with low star units, so there is no progression wall (except maybe high tier events like Contingency Contract). Level up what you have and you will be fine. The good units will come with due time :fgo_happytomoe:

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i have an extra account with silver and exu together. Pm me, it has texas too so its pretty decent.