I said I would and so I am


So my original Plan was to go something like this:

but, I don’t have all the fodder seeing as how I pulled 3 W!Marth’s from the last double seasonal, I could alternatively go with this:

Or hope for a Bramimond and and go Atk/Def Push 4 (even though I’m not a big fan of the push 4 skills).

  • Stick to the plan
  • Finish building her with the Alternative build
  • Push it
  • Even though I will be ignored, I beg you please Seek Help!

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I respect your commitment to your word.



More interested which mode(s) or teams she will be on. Form skills aren’t always ideal especially in the AI’s hands.

Alternate build may be a bit better as she really needs attack and speed, and feel that the Def would be a dead stat for her to use. She may also want Lull Attack/speed as well if she is going to be an offensive unit.

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I’m not sure on context and I’m too lazy to read the original thread.



Good luck.

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Forms are quite hard to use since you have to keep many units within 2 spaces to make them better than bonds or solos.
They are more flexible, but at the cost of less stats :thinking:
Atk/Def Push would be decent on Clarine, but not wanting the recoil is perfectly fine.
If you’re willing to switch, maybe try Atk/Def Solo?


No mode in particular, I already have a solid Cav team, but I’ve been using her in the TT, and she can prevent D!Byleth from Doubling her (with a little help, especially since Clarine usually soaks the chill).

The idea behind the form skills here is due to the supportive role Palm Staff offers allowing her to tank and retaliate better when applicable (and to give them a good test run).

Dude, I see Joint Drive speed on one or was that a typo? If so, just fodder thar Anna for Atk/Spd Form 3 and Joint Drive Spd. Or, if you have lots of Marths, Atk/Spd form 3 and JHS could be a great option too.

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The context is pretty much what I quoted from myself - I said Id do it (mostly for S&Gs) and am.

Yeah She’ll have joint Hone Speed instead, but do I stop with Marth or give her a Def boosting A (and which one) for better tanking.

Does she need to tank physical though? If so then maybe waiting for Bramimond and going Atk/Def Push 4 and Lull Atk/Res would be nice. Have options for the Lull, and you get your Def up A option.

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Max merged with palm staff she has an effective bulk rate of 72/79 with her stats alone and with the lull (and Hone) she’ll have plenty of speed to deny a lot of natural doubles. It’s mostly a for fun build (but when I 5* max-merge a unit I’ll give them full investment), so just trying to get the most out of what’s there.

Mode wise she will certainly be on my Cav GC/RD team and probably my “armor” team for that as well, where Form skills will be a lot easier to use as well (just remembered about that mode since I usually clear it day 1 and forget it exists until next week).

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With the feathers from the colosseum and sending a few extra copies Raigh and friends home…

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Now that I’ve tried her out a couple days
Performance-wise, I’m quite pleased

She won’t be replacing B!Veronica on my main Cav team (I run Gunnthra on it so the debuffing is important), but she’ll be a solid inclusion on a secondary Cav team.

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Subaki: :fgo_buster:

But that she managed to double is impressive. Nice.

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