I shook myself last night


Kay so I’ve always had this knack for predicting when I’d get a 5 star when I go summoning. It’s almost like a 6th sense lmao. Yeah yeah, sounds kinda cheesy, but damn if it doesn’t feel real. I always get this feeling in my chest, and my mind fills with nothing but thoughts of getting a 5 star. It’s like I convince myself before even clicking summon that no matter what Orb I click, it’s gonna be a 5 star of some kind.

This wouldn’t be all that special if I called out my 5 stars when I have a high pitty percent, as one could argue that I’m playing towards my odds, but no, I call this shit at the most random of times. I’ve called so many 5 star summons at no pity percents that it’s crazy. Like, atleast half my entire roster has been called out by me.
While of course I don’t call out my 5 stars correctly all the time, it does happens so often that it’s become something that feels very real. Like, it feels like whenever I get this feeling, I get a 5 star 80% of the time. It’s just so weird.
But, anyways, here’s what finally shook me about all this…

Soooo, it’s just turned 12 AM, I go to check the banner list to see if anything interesting dropped, and I see the new power banner. I dont really care about anyone here, so I just decide to use my free summon on Kana if I see a green orb. Before I even click summon, I get that special feeling in my chest, and I’m like “oh that’s sick, but why on Kana tho?”. I was happy but also kinda bummed, as I don’t have much interest in using her. But hey, can’t be mad, I may get a free 5 star for no effort. So, After that, I decide to click summon. I see two green Orbs show up, I click the top most green Orb and click summon. As the screen is fading, I go to grab some food out of the microwave and as I’m walking away, I get the sudden feeling that this ain’t gonna be Kana, but a unit you actually went for before, a unit with good fodder, a unit with Distant Counter, a unit like… Nagi. I reach the microwave and mentally said to myself, “that’d be dope, but the chances of it being that exact unit… Nah, not happening”… Well, lo and behold, I turned around and it was a FREAKIN’ NAGI! I about dropped my food on the floor. I was actually pretty shook :joy:

See, I can usually call if I’m getting an on focus 5 star or an off focus 5 star quite well when I get this feeling, but I don’t believe I’ve ever called the EXACT unit I would be getting, let alone calling it being an off focus 5 star with NO PITTY percent.

So yeah, I was pretty hyped lmao.

Here she is if anyone wanted to see her


:feh_ohgod: The food!

Thats some pretty good luck Cutie! I’ve always tried to predict when I will summon a 5 star unit…it usually never works for me.


Don’t worry, no food was harmed in this story. My :hotdog: was free to live for about 5 mins, before it filled meh belly. :blush:

Haha, yeah, it’s definitly a blessing! But also kind of a curse sometimes, as it can ruin surprises, or if I’m dead wrong, my hopes are up much higher than they normally would be and I feel so crushed aftwards. XD.


You pulled for one dragon and got a better one. Godlike.

Awesome story though, I really wish I had this sixth sense too but mine is broken. xD


I know it too sis :feh_corrinmug:
I felt the same when I summoned L!Eliwood and H!Hector

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Thx! :open_mouth:
And yeah, your wallet knows just how broken it truly is ;)


The problem is when your heart want someone in particular, but the sixth sense recognize and says no :sharenacry:

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My wallet is deceased. And we couldn’t afford its funeral. :pensive:




Wait, don’t you always do that lol?

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They laughed at Cutiepie67 because he told them the truth.


When did I ever do that?

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Everytime, you are always chill joking around

If you combine your 6th Sense and my luck then you can become a F2P with the units of a whale


Really? You are that lucky?


Nice! Good IVs too!

(This is in AR with 2 Eirs btw)


And what do you have for H!Hector?

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Nothing. This isn’t a serious defense setup. She’s just there to support Arden.



Mhm~, that res thoo

And yee pretty happy about getting her, and the good IVs. :slight_smile:
Summoned for her before, but never got her.

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Mythic boosts are a helluva thing in AR

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