I swear, nobody tells me when this thing happens :feh_berniebulli:

I goddamn swear, I am never told whenever this happens.

Anyways, who are you guys voting for? For day 1, I voted Lyon.

:musical_note: aaaaaaanother CYL4 threeeeeeeeeeead:musical_note:


Bruh, have you been on here at all since last night?


Ummm there’s been like 20 threads at least

Anyways I voted Marianne d1 and Marth today

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But seriously speaking, we’ve had almost nothing but “CYL” threads since yesterday.


Edelgard & Ayra

tenor (1)

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Game notification anyone?

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Look I’m gonna be honest with you guys, I literally haven’t seen a single cyl4 thread every single time I log-in, even when I scroll down.

Really? Like how there’s like 3 with over 200 replies and another 15 with around 20 replies each. GP must be trying to guard you from the propaganda.

wait if he’s seen no propaganda here’s my chance

Chuck a vote at Marianne, she’s not in the game, and is not going to win. But if she gets enough votes she might get into the game as an OG alt. Vote Marianne!

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I haven’t seen a goddamn thing, it’s only now that I realise that they’re starting.

2 votes down 5 to go.