I swear, Tibarn makes everything way too easy

Just like with Lloyd, Tibarn is the main reason i’m able to clear this abyssal ghb. See this?

Literally every unit other than the manakete has been taken out by Tibarn. Unfortunately, said manakete one-shots him. Not a problem though.

And just like that i’ve beaten every abyssal ghb! should be given some kind of reward for doing so…

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So Accessories aren’t enough for you

You discovered how I beat them all :eyes:

Nice work :almdab:


Yeah, team o’ birbs makes Abyssals much easier :birbpeek:
They even beat 3 LHB Abyssals for me :hridexcited:

I wish I got a Tibarn merge from this banner :elisad:


I’d probably be more interested in using Tibarn if I actually liked his art (his stance and damaged art are fine but I don’t like his attacking/special art)

3 Move with Flier mobility
2 AoE heals
Follow up denial and guarantee all in one
Burst damage
Great color coverage.

Definitely a well-rounded team. I’ve seen quite a few Abyssals cleared using them alone, unmerged too.
I’ve considered bumping Reyson up in merge priority for this reason alone


As a Tibarn user I’m very pleased to see this.


Smh didn’t even use the best girl

But yea Tibarn is


I see full Tellius! BLESSED! :fgo_astolfo:


Try chill def 3 instead of hit & run. That also makes him pretty damn broken ;) ;) ;)
Not to flex but yeah I cleared all FTP content with Galeforce Tibarn. He’s ridiculous. Alongside him was Naesala, Ranulf, and Reyson, who are all quite the powerhouses as well. I use them all for my Aether Raids defense and I haven’t gotten any failures in several weeks.

Animations off then :thinkinglikelukas:

Besides,using Galeforce on him,you’ll never see his special animation. :tooobin:

Mind blown

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She came after all of these levels :ferdyfrown: