I think Gamepress should add ,,Team GO Rocket battles- useful Pokemon Tier List'' and ,,Useful Second Charge Attacks in Gym battles Tier List''

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Title. There are many good pokemon that get expanded utility when used in GO Rocket battles (e.g Aggron or Lucario) and in gym battles with second Charge Attack (e.g Machamp with Rock Slide), but many people consider them worthless (or in Attacks case- useless) because they are not good in Raid Battles. I think Tier list (or at least expanded note on Pokemon page with 2x Charge Attacks usefulness) would make more people aware that there is many pokemon that can make Rocket Grunts and Leaders (which I see many people have problem with) less troublesome.

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Rocket battles can be treated as master league. Find the best counters for type difference. I don’t think you need a tier list for everything.

Well yes, but also no.
Master League tier list is affected by current meta and what pokemon are strongest by pure power and which one counter them (in a nutshell). GO Rocket battles have their unique meta because Shadow Pokemon used by TGR have overpowered stats, don’t shield or shield first two attacks, and are ,stunned’’ for a while after switching or using charge attack. Also in PvP you don’t know what your opponent will use (in open format; No Silph Cup), when TGR members have a set list of used pokemon.


Don’t forget that stuff that usually works on Masters sometimes stopped working on TGR like Groudon or Machamp, while stuff that you otherwise won’t think of using in Masters at all like Cresselia, Deoxys Defense or Lock on Registeel actually works against TGRs.


That’s the point. You can get the best from master league based on typing. I dont think you need to beat this dead horse with another tier list. Maybe a counter page for rocket execs like what raids have, but regular rocket battles are simple, regardless of what you use.

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Have these three options been tested? Because even after thinking about it, I still don’t think I’d want to use Cresselia or Defense Deoxys in TR battles. If I’m looking to plow through with a tank, I feel that Lugia, Altered Giratina, Metagross, and Smacktar would be far more reliable options. And that’s if I’m too lazy to use more specialized options to counter the specific Mons grunts will be using. That’s not even counting the Rocket leaders, against whom, Cressy, D-Deoxys, and Registeel don’t match up well at all.

I agree! There could be a Rocket Attacker tier list, something like that.

I would definately read a more in-depth breakdown on each rocket leader. Some suggestions on which movesets work against which lineup would be more helpful than just having moltres in all 3 lists. Maybe even do a strategy for the “winning is for winners” grunt. The rest you can basically use type advantage there are enough shadow mons now they are not throwing a ton of curveballs anymore

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Cresselia is tested and actually works, even deals with Cliff quite consistently. It needs Psycho CutMoonblast/Aurora Beam however.

Deo-D needs testing, plus I need to max it.

Male “winning is for winners” grunts will use Gen 1 starters. Dragonite is resistant to Fire, Water and (doubly) Grass, making it a good counter to them.

As for female grunts, SD Tyranitar is a great counter to Snorlax.

That type uses very similar Pokemon as the leaders, so there is no point. You are not going to the Admins if you have trouble beating those.