I think she's perfect

I came into this event not planning on Formaing Catria, despite it being an easy merge for mine, because I couldn’t think of any skills she really wanted over what mine already has.

Now I think I’d be stupid NOT to Forma her.

Might still use the S/D Near Trace that mine has instead of Flow Guard, or maybe her Dive Bomb, but she’s come out incredibly strong.


I always thought she had really nice art. That’s it, nothing else to say :feh_tooobin:


Well, you’re not wrong. Even in SoV, I thought her design was the best of her sisters.


I’ll probably forma her as well, just wanna see if I grab Atk/Spd Catch and Atk/Def Menace. Got S/D Near Trace, Galeforce (might grab RS if it shows up) and a Rally.

Just get a different Assist while you’re at it, she already comes with Harsh Command+.



I plan to give her RS (she was supposed to already have it but I guess on the run when it showed up I accidentally grabbed the weapon or something else instead) and not to bothered about not having the Trace since I don’t plan to run her with Galeforce

I've got a couple skills on mine already, also. XD

I’m not super concered about her Assist skill, considering that I came into this planning on Formaing Rinea for an AR Support unit and I still have to finish her up to where I’m satisfied.


Yeah I sorta like using her tbh. She’s cool to use in PvE and stuff. It’s satisfying to pump her atk and see her melt just about anything :feh_nino:


I will absolutely be formaing her myself.

My main goal was to accumulate options so when her Refine comes, hopefully I’ll be ready.

My Current one

I’ll also Forma Rinea so she’s more invested for limited battles.


Speaking of: that should be relatively soon, shouldn’t it?

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Not too soon, looked it up and Refines are working on March '19 (Sue, Idunn, Thea, Lugh) she was released October, so it’ll be a while yet (- the y3 Braves).

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V-Catria was in the penultimate chapter of Book III so she’ll probably get hers probably sometime next year

There are a lot of units to go through first, particularly on the beast side. If I were you I’d be preparing for Velouria’s refine first as she’s likely coming in the next month or two

We’re at Idunn (Book III Chapter 5) and Kaden (Book III Chapter 4) right now, for reference


She was that far along? I thought she was somewhere in the middle of the Hel arc. I didn’t think she was the finale.

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Not the finale, but close to it. Penultimate = second from last


I didn’t mean to say she was the last map - I’m aware of “penultimate” - but I consider the last few chapters the finale, the final assault on Hel. Basically, everything starting around Lif’s death, which was…Chapter 11? I don’t really remember, honestly. It was after Chapter 9, but before their resurrection in Chapter 13.

Point is, I didn’t think Catria was towards the end of the arc.