I took the Persona 5 bait and started playing this game

Ok. Being a huge Persona fan I just couldn’t resist after missing the P5 event on Granblue I didn’t want to miss this one considering it’s Scramble flavor.

I’m new to this game and I won’t lie I kinda rushed things in order to see if I could get Joker. But my luck actually got me both Joker and Mona which I’m super grateful. I’m playing the event story but since I know nothing about this game is there stuff a beginner should do in order to set himself properly in the futur? I think I’ll pick this game as a F2P since I play FGO mainly and only.

For any people willing to help me, in advance thank you. And sorry for the trouble >_<

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The Fairy thing has a quite long tutorial that you can carry out easily and that will teach you everything step by step

Is this viewable somewhere or did I already skipped it by skipping the story?

No, it’s in the home screen, at the top right

Hello Hope from FGO

I am the Deer from FEH, FGO, AK, DL, POGO, PMEX and so on

This game had a lot of problems when it first released

Those problems still mostly exist, like the atrociously long download time and load time in general

There are bugs here and there but the combat system is kinda boring TBH but you as a Persona Fan should have no qualms with it

I can’t be helpful that much as I don’t really play much myself, just keep in mind that Gacha is :fgo_badciv: and must be destroyed

I saw thank you!

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At least the summon system is forgiving

Unlike FGO

System’s kinda nice. It no longer has Wyrmprints in the summon pool so it’s automatically better than like half the gachas out there

Train up Karina (4 star water axe) as soon as you get her, she kinda destroys Water content with little effort