I walked into the library and saw a beautiful receptionist - The 19M Download Campaign Roll Thread

Hailing from the Heian period, this mysterious lady, author of the famous Tale of Genji and being a rare literary talent in the country of Japan, she left her mark on history as one of the greatest writer in all of Japan. Due to this, she was able to become a Heroic Spirit to be summoned by Chaldea for the aid towards the Restoration of Humanity.

Who is this lady, you ask?

It is none other than the main Servant that can be summoned during the 19 Million Download Campaign, Lady Murasaki (Fujiwara-no-Kaoruko) Shikibu.

Or as she’s commonly known in her Spirit Origin name ; Shikibu.

Murasaki Shikibu is an AoE Arts Caster that has a special niche against Demonic Enemies.

Why do I mention this? A few weeks ago, Heian-kyō was released and it is home to many Demonic enemies that happened to be Assassins. So, if you haven’t completed it yet, she would be right at home getting rid of these pests.

Now, let’s talk about the actual event where Lady Murasaki will be handing us some gifts.

  1. A 7-day login bonus for the duration of the whole event giving us the usual Download Campaign gifts ; 10 Silver and Gold Apples, 10 4* Embers, 10M QP, 10 3* Universal Fou’s of HP and Atk and of course, on the very last day, 10 summon tickets. These may give you the object of your desire if that target happens to be a persistent librarian.

  1. A special 4-day Consecutive Login Bonus featuring 200 MP’s, 1 Gold Fou of HP and ATK and 1 Rare Prism.

  2. While these have been added already, there are Craft Essences based missions that will give up to 20 SQ for having, in your inventory, any Craft Essence that’s has been leveled toat least lvl 10 all the way to lvl 100. For veterans, this feat might already be accomplished and the quartz are already yours however, so all is good!

  3. Missions that requires accomplishing 7 Main Story Quests maximum to claim 14 quartz and 7 Leyline Stones.

  4. ¼ AP for all Main Quests of Part 1 and 2 of the Main Story

  5. x2 Chances of Super and Great Success from enhancing Servants and Craft Essences.

  6. ½ AP for Free Quests until First Clear.

  7. All Ember Gathering and Training Grounds quests opened.

  8. A new Craft Essence will be added to the Mana Prism shop, Take Romance, for 5% QP Gain and 5% Master EXP for 5 000 Mana Prism.

As well as Detective Foulmes being available to purchase from the RP shop for 1 RP, and for 5 000 Mana Prism afterwards.


This is mostly it for the Download Campaign. Thank you for reading. However, let me drop you an additional gift to help with your gacha rolls if you do so.

As an avid Shikibu fan myself, I sought out to buy her books to use as a catalyst for this upcoming campaign that I’ve been eager for. My own Murasaki is NP5 and she is the main Servant of mine that I want to get to lvl 120, so an additional copy of hers is required for me to accomplish that feat. So on this final note, let me share to you my catalysts for this :

That is all from me. To all Masters out there seeking the beautiful librarian or if you want more NP levels, I wish you all the luck in getting her, and may her talents be of use to any of you who will welcome her in your Chaldea. :catlove:

Personal tangent/apologies (Feel free to ignore if not interested)

I ended up rambling a lot, I’m very sorry about that ; I’ve been so eager for this that I ended up rambling on and on about it ; I hope you’ll accept my apologies for this. :catlie:

Some fanart to accompany this long post ; can serve as catalysts as well.










Ibuki cleaned me out otherwise I’d be going for NP3.


Looks like I have no choice but to do Lb5.5 for the limited missions.


I also got a Nightingale spook (now NP3) and Helena (NP9?).

All within 3 multis so quite happy.


Is anyone else missing the quartz from the CE missions?
My missions got automatically completed but I can’t click on it and it says I already got my quartz. And I’m certain I didn’t got these 20 quartz.


Keep refreshing the ‘All’ tab next to the mission completed numbers ; I had to cycle through these tabs to get all the rewards.


It doesn’t work.
The problem is that my game says I already claimed the reward from these missions but I never clicked on them or got the quartz.


Yeah I had to click through doing them one at a time. They were available to claim yesterday, rather than everything else that was today.

I got all my rewards :man_shrugging:


Ah, that’s probably that. If they were available yesterday then I probably got the quartz then, which would explain eveyrthing. :fgo_sherlocksmug:


shes a nice character and i think her hair down ascension is quite beautiful however i have lots of aoe casters so wont roll for her. Good luck to yalls rolls


Its just me or Murasaki had a LOT of banners this years?

Anyway, she’s a cool character but I cant help to dislike her design, specially the huge boobs, like happens with many other characters. So I should be safe to skip her and save for Spishstar.

It’s just you.

She had her release banner, the 2021 Back to School banner and neither of those were this year.


Oh, probably was mixing those two, right.

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Alright, well, it’s my turn.

I had 8 tickets, a bunch of SQ and a dream.

Starting off with the tickets, got something…interesting at the 6th one.

Very funny, game. Last row of tickets + 2 singles yielded nothing either.

All right, the multi starts. And it seems like the game felt bad for giving me this, since lo and behold, on the 1st proper multi :


Also hello first USO ; you won’t be remembered.

Now this is what I call a Great Success!

And with this, I can finally say this :

It begins.

I just need Bond 12 to get her to 120 in terms of coins, and she’s more than halfway through Bond 11, so it should be within reasonable time. :catlove:

Hope you’ll have a great day and good luck for your rolls. :catwave:

Edit : That’s as far as I can go for now. But she was worth all of it. :catlove:


Just popping in to say this is a lovely thread for the ever sweet Lady Murasaki @KratosFredi , you did a marvelous job at promoting your wife! Congrats on the NP6 copy and I look forward to witnessing your lovely librarian reach Lv120 !

@Recks Congrats , I’m glad Murasaki has graced your Chaldea as well!


Great thread!

I got Muraski from the GSSR last time around and I’ve really enjoyed using her. As you said, she made short work of the 5.5 free quests and mine is only NP1. DCS + Murasaki cleared everything, except when I felt like experimenting with other characters.

Congrats @KratosFredi and @Recks on your copies!

Unfortunately, Douman cleaned me out so I can’t go for NP2 but good luck to all the rollers.


Thank you both @AlastairHale and @Demos. :fgo_ereshlove:

Yes, that is something I wanted to mention, but my initial topic was long enough already, so I skipped it.

But the fact that Shikibu’s 3rd Append is against Lancers is actually way more useful than I initially thought. Many 5.5 enemies were Lancers as well, so I ended up using her over Sabers for fun and it actually worked really well. Not to mention that the Lancer node in IS was farmed with DCS + my Shikibu, and she had no issues dealing with the waves in there. :catlove:


I was going to mention this. Could be a coincidence, but it’s pretty fun regardless, she is such a great pick for 5.5.