I wanna discuss Norne in case she gets demoted

So I think we can all agree that Norne has a good chance of being demoted. Which brings up the question of builds. Her stats are noted for having good speed, defense and resistance. Her attack and HP are okay. So because of this she’s a little flexible, but generally she’d be an offensive archer that can take a hit, or a mixed phase one. This is the build I am considering.

Basically she has enough bulk to be able to take a hit in her first battle, and likely get knocked into brazen range. Then she’ll those buffs to all her stats, which she uses all of. When in brazen range, she’d be sitting at 55/49/42/41 before buffs from allies. Not bad. I would also like to point out that she’d probably be a good user of CC too.

R.I.P Sue :tooobin:

Seems decent enough, but Audino how I feel regarding Brazen Def/Res. You’re taking damage to take less damage :/

Otherwise, it’s not too shabby.

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Fair enough. Figured since she uses all her stats go for omni brazen. If I had CC she’d be a good candidate for it. Now she just needs to be demoted.

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I may finally know what to do with my CC fodder


Part of me thinks her bst is so high, she may not get demoted for that reason, at least not right away.

It’s also going to be difficult to get 11 copies of her that it’ll be awhile before she actually starts to out perform existing merge projects. That’s a lot of colorless orbs that need to be pulled.

It has to be said, her HP is not as good as Matthew’s or Kronya’s. She’ll have 59 I think by the end of it, which is quite close but not quite enough to dodge everything.


If you wanted to dodge AR structures, you could go for +HP :thinking:
That hurts her stats, but she’ll still be able to do well with her high BST :thinking:


I think this merge project looks less necessary the more I look at it.

Compared to Kronya, it doesn’t look so good when you take the HP boon

You’re basically losing a lot of different stats for more defense, but Kronya has her Pref. Kronya also has more attack even without the boon.

Kronya being grails would probably just be easier to build too. Save 1300+ colorless orb pulls.

I always think that Archers should be compared to other archers, and daggers to other daggers since both do different roles, Kronya is a Vantage sweeper(most likely role) while Norne is a flexible unit that can do multiple builds.

I am building both units at the same time.

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Usually in fire emblem, characters are compared against other characters. You have 4-6 team slots, and you’re not comparing archers to archers - you comparing characters to characters. There’s just not enough space on the team to even be considered with the class the character is.

Even in classic Fire Emblem tier listing, classes don’t matter. If you were to rank the characters in many Fire Emblem games, the cav units tend to be at the top of the list. Even the BAD cav units are usually better units than the “best archer”, the “best armor”, etc.

In AR, you have 1 carry unit on a team comp for units like this. It makes sense to compare carry units to other carry units. Class doesn’t matter. They could be daggers, bows, tomes or whatever.

Daggers have built in dev and res smoke, which usually tends to be a lot more useful than just being good against flying enemies.

Yeah, well, FEH works differently than the mainline games, so the comparisons made for the main games means nothing for comparisons in FEH

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Yes well Kronya really needs stuff like CC and spiral to excel, otherwise she’ll just be okay. And I don’t have either of them.


Yes, it works different, but you didn’t address the point about carry’s, which does relate to Feh. I’m pointing out traditional fire emblem because it’s the same principle.

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Ranking is entirely opinion based, and there are many ways units can be ranked with different factors added in.

Saying Daggers are better than Bows is entirely opinion based unless given sufficient evidence, same as saying Bows are better than daggers. I am on neither side since I believe both hav different roles to play.

And when picking between daggers or Bows it is just based on you opinion you like more(Playstylewise or you like a character in that weapon type) or that particular weapon type fits with what you need at the present time.

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You are being kinda generous here. The average number of orbs needed to get 11 copies of a 4* unit is around 3k. Way more expensive than going for a 5* exclusives. That’s why I think IS might have zero problems demoting her. By the time the average Joe/Jane gets enough copies to +10, we’ll be in gen 5 (or 6).

Investing on Kronya is better, like you said.

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Well, if we want to effectively make an AR tank, the tried and true build that every archer runs works, much like the one my Jeorge is running.

^^^This is the common build. Swap out Guard for Dull Ranged if you don’t have DD4.

The one my Jeorge uses (much better IMO), is.

This would mimic him (with better stats), so overall. Norne is a very, very good unit. Assuming we build her for AR Like that.

If we go for arena? Most anything works. There’s NY Corrin’s bow, and a few other things that aid her. And if we’re going for general play, then something like a desperation setup with LnD, Fury, or a Brazen should work wonders.

Defensive and Offensive builds. That’s how I’d build her in case she were to be demoted. She can get up to 43 def and 45 res with the first build, and thanks to atk smoke it pretty much goes up to 48 and 53, as well nullifying the bonuses of ranged foes and slowing down the cooldown of enemies. Close Counter is the natural choice so that she can counter 1 range enemies. Aether for healing.

With the second set she gets 61 atk, 52 spd and 48 def once she attacks, which can be boosted up to 67 and 59 once she’s in brazen range and 73 with the attack wave. Lull Atk/Def so that she can disable the bonuses of the foes and hit harder. Bonfire is great with her high def so that she can hit for 24 extra damage.

She’s gonna be a really good merge project in case she gets demoted, she’d be the most balanced of all the F2P Archers, while also having high BST.

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Just give me that Juicy Brazen S/D (Or S/D Link) fodder and I’m good.

Of course, but if we establish some pretty clear criteria - like I dunno, comparisons between carry units in AR, we can say that said opinions are also grounded in reason and reality too.

Now you’re actually being dishonest. I never said one was better than the other all the time. What I said was:

Obviously there are situations where the bow is going to be better. I never denied that. But if you only have enough feathers to use for your carry units, you gotta make same hard decisions and it’s definitely fair to say that the built-in res/def smoke is going to generally be more useful than the bow. Unless you’re playing against a flier ball, you really don’t need the bow to deal with an Azura :)

Took this as your answer of saying, Daggers > Bows, if that was not your intention then I’m sorry.

“tends to” is a very specific and intentional set of words, yes.