I Want Close Foil And Your Skull For A Trophy

Julian appeared on a banner at just the right time.
I have a policy that if a 5* exclusive can get to +7, I’ll consider summoning to finish their merges. Rhajat, a character I adore, managed to hit that threshold on the picnic banner which then permits her access to good fodder and I wanted Close Foil for a Vantage build. Took about 100 orbs for him (with my +Spd Byleth losing her -Atk along the way) but she now has her choice new A skill and Julian’s skull as a keepsake of where she got it from.

She’s on a revival banner at the end of July so hopefully I’ll get her finished then. I just hope there isn’t too much temptation before then. Awakening and Fates are due a banner and there is of course brides and bikinis before then too.

I’ll be honest, I liked the title using her crit/special quote so thought I’d just show her off to use it.


I have a similar policy,but +5 or +6 and if I like them enough which can be fickle at times ,ironically Rhajhat was the same for me.

Good luck !