I want free summon like this every day

… i wake up, free summon red color because i m like, hmm… maybe i’ll get the dancer :grey_question:

And guess what happens :interrobang:

(funny enough i spent hundred of orbs on her own banner and didn’t get any copy aside from the spark+the free copy)

5 more to go :grey_exclamation:
:feh_lysitheacool: :feh_lysitheacool: :feh_lysitheacool: :feh_lysitheacool: :feh_lysitheacool:


Nice one :feh_lysitheasmolface:

I got a Kris on the second of the 2 blues I got.

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Inb4 some heathen comes in here and says some crap like “AtK sPD PuSh 4 + LuLl SpD/rEs foDD3r”

Good job getting best girl :feh_lysitheacool:

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Congrats :feh_nino:

Gotta love when that happens :fgo_ereshwoah:

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You say this in the presence of Hone Spd 4




I agree, I didn’t get best girl copies, but Hector and Sutr ain’t bad either.


Yaaaayyyyyy!!! :feh_faedance:

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Well now that you mention it…

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