I want to give a second move for Terrakion for Rocket Grunts/Admins. What should I give?

I’m debating either Close Combat or Earthquake.

Earthquake can be used to hit Arlo’s Magnezone real hard while Close Combat hits Snorlax and Tyranitar hard.

What should I give it?

Close Combat is what I would go with. It has a few more coverages than Earthquake, as Ground and Rock overlap slightly.

and it gets STAB

I’m not sure how well CC works versus Arlo Magnezone though.

Honestly, go with whichever one you get first. It’s not worth spending TMs on.

Cliff - Meowth is shielded, and Rock Slide should be used to break shields. Flygon and Sandslash you should switch out against. Close Combat can chunk Snorlax if you have the saved energy somehow, but you won’t. You can stay in and use Close Combat potentially if it’s Lick, but Zen Headbutt forces switch. Close Combat hits Tyranitar for massive damage. Earthquake hits Infernape for bigger damage, and can still hit Ttar quite hard. Torterra resists EQ and Rock Slide (one of the rare Pokemon that do), making Close Combat better vs Cliff overall.

Sierra - There’s no discernable matchup difference between CC and EQ, if you were to decide for some reason to use Terrakion vs Sierra.

Arlo - Scyther is shielded and Rock Slide works anyways. Magnezone is demolished by EQ but also hit SE by Close Combat, albeit less hard. Gyarados and Crobat are handled by Rock Slide. Scizor, Dragonite, and Charizard all would be hit by Rock Slide better than Close Combat or Earthquake probably. Doesn’t really matter vs Arlo.

Giovanni - Persian is shielded, Rock Slide won’t matter. Close Combat has slightly lower energy cost and will come up slightly faster vs Dugtrio, Rhydon, and Hippodon, but honestly I would just recommend switching out and saving any saved-up energy for Rock Slides against his final Pokemon. Vs the birds it doesn’t matter. In short, it doesn’t really matter here since Terrakion really shouldn’t be fighting the Ground types anyways, and both hit Rhydon if you decided to try it.

Cliff - Favors Close Combat (slightly)
Sierra - No advantage
Arlo - No advantage
Giovanni - No advantage

Unless you desperately care about handling Cliff better with Terrakion, I honestly wouldn’t bother with trying to use TMs to change the move. They both provide pretty top-notch coverage. Personally for normal PVP I would maybe consider Earthquake to be slightly better because of its potential hit on Metagross, who otherwise seriously troubles Terrakion. Edgequake is notorious coverage, after all.


Totally agree. Terrakion was not an elite counter to Rocket Admins anyways, and the charge moves other than Rock Slide have no PvE utility.

Both Close Combat and Earthquake are fine as extra moves, as they both provide solid coverage against a variety of types.

That said, as others have mentioned, I wouldn’t recommend Terrakion for Team Rocket grunt/leader battles. It doesn’t really have anything in terms of stats/moves that really makes it stand out and the whopping 7 weaknesses really don’t do it any favors. The bulkier Smacktar will often do Terrakion’s job against Team Rocket much more efficiently. Unless Terrakion is a personal favorite, it’s really not worth the investment giving it the extra move (it really doesn’t have any use in ML PvP either).

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Unless Arlo’s Scyther has Fury Cutter.

For those cases we have Magnezone, Charizard, Typhlosion, Blaziken, Aggron, which are all much cheaper counters.
I myself normally pick Magnezone for Scyther, since it resists FC and double resists AS, and Spark/WIld charge charges quite fast and with good timing regarding shield use, it also can have a decent ammount of energy ready for a Gyarados.

Rock Slide is a lot more fast acting than Stone Edge. It might save you sometimes. Also, there are slightly less stuff that are Awkward for Terrakion than T-Tar in Rocket scenarios.

I only find Rock type is good against Arlo as a lead
And for that, both form of golem with Rock Throw and RockBlast is more than enough. And it is cheap…


The only real difference is that Tyranitar is weak to Bug, whereas Terrakion is not though it picks up a weakness to Psychic. Aside from that, they both share the same weaknesses (Fairy, Fighting, Steel, Water, Grass, and Ground). Tyranitar goes down faster against Mons with Fighting moves, but Terrakion won’t be winning those matches either. Both should be swapped in those scenarios.

Again, if Terrakion is a personal favorite or you’re going for unique Mon challenges, go for it. Otherwise, I just don’t see it being a sound investment for Rocket battles.

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I did Registeel and Cresselia before. (Maxed + Double moves) They work well in Rocket scenarios, especially Registeel. It’s not surprising that I will do Terrakion as well (Also for some T3 raids, since if Virizion comes there might be lots of weak to rock stuff that I can run Terrakion on)

Maxed a 15a/13/15 Altered Giratina with Ancient Power, gets a lot of use vs. Rocket battles, at some point could or should get it a 2nd move besides AP but RC is not plentiful. If you are more thrifty than me, sure a level 35 would do good too

People seems to relate Terrakion with Arlo’s Scyther, but that’s only against the bug fast move scenerio, personally I think it stand better against Cliff’s Meowth and Giovanni’s Persian, where it can resist every fast move they have, and I will level up the better Terrakion I get at the end of its cycle in raids just for that…and because I doesn’t get a good IV Riolu and as we know IV’s are everything!!!

Saying that I agree with most people in this post that Rock Slide is enough and the investment on a second move for Terrakion just for Rocket battles isn’t worth it or necessary.