I watched her grow up

From December:

From Today:

Gaaaaah! She grew up so fast :3 I just wish she knew Rock Slide or Crunch… At least her fast Attack is okay (it’s Iron Tail)


Don’t you have any CT’s? You could get bite/crunch.


Glad you’re happy with your new buddy Tyranitar! It’s always nice when hard work pays off in the long run. :grin:

On a side note, once you get a fast TM, I would strongly suggest changing your Tyranitar’s quick move from Iron Tail to Bite. It’s a much faster move and outperforms Iron Tail by a good margin.


I have 2 fast TMs, but I don’t like the idea of her having both attacks be the same type

Trust me, Tyranitar loses a lot of dps with iron tail due to being an overall bad move and not receiving stab. However, if you don’t care about any of that, you can just leave Iron Tail, but she won’t get it’s full potential as a dark or rock specialist.

First try :3

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All it’s left is getting Crunch and not Flame Blast or Rock Slide, unless you want any of those moves

Stone Edge?

My bad, stone edge. Was looking at Machamp and Melmeltan pages and “Rock Slide” stuck with me.

I assume you‘re coming from the main games? Because there, yes, having multiple moves of the same type is not very adviceable, you want coverage on your Pokemon (though there are some that run 2 moves of the same type for reasons tied to the moveset), but in Go, it‘s almost mandatory if you want your Pokemon to reach it‘s maximum potential


Having attacks of different types only makes sense in pure PvP and gym defence. For raids, gym offence and Rocket battles, exploiting weaknesses is essential, so your attackers need moves of the same type. There are exceptions when an attacker does well with two moves of different types that are both super-effective against the same target (for example, Moltres with Fire Spin + Sky Attack against Bug or Grass targets).

Agree with the above. Having two attacks of the same type that exploit a weakness of your opponent is the way to go. Other than what @hkn just said, I can see the motive for having attacks of different types when you are still building your teams and have very few attackers of some types. Then, some food pokémon can serve for double duty in two types, but they are going to be far less efficient.

Example: Tyranitar with bite and stone edge will deal some damage to targets that are weak to dark or rock and do not resist the other type, but overall it will deal a lot less damage to a target weak to dark than a bite+crunch Tyranitar.