I went for a free 4* Norne

BUT I’ve got a 5* (YES :disappointed_relieved:) Gordin. What can I do with this boy? He has neutral IVs, but Im not sure if I’ll like to use him. I already have a +1 brave bow Rebecca waiting for her refine before I decide if I keep merging her or if I just fodder her to Norne/Future Shinon. Should I try to use this Gordin or should I wait to fodder him too? The second makes me kinda sad but idk, the next better thing would be sending him home and thats an absolute NO.

PS: Sorry to Gordin fans out there.


An unmerged Gordin is not really that impressive, even with his refined Brave Bow, and he’s even less impressive without premium fodder like Sturdy Impact, Special Spiral, etc.

I’d just save him for Brave Bow fodder, unless you wanna discontinue the possible Rebecca merge and move on to Gordin.


Oh, that would be another option. My Rebecca doesnt have expensive fodder, so it wouldnt be difficult to replicate the build and pass her brave bow + LD3 etc to Norne (or Shinon, hoping he has better stats for that build). I’ll think about it! thanks <3

RoyAhoy did not like that.


Krazytre approves greatly.

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