"I will break you"- +10 Jeralt is here!

As soon as Jeralt dropped into the grail shop I got all the copies and spent all of my precious feathers and here is the result! I could have some grails and wait but I was so excited I just wanted to complete the merge project lol

I’m super proud of this unit, the Blade Breaker more than lives up to his reputation :muscle:

An amazing investment and I’ll be sure to give him Atk Smoke 4 when I get it!

That makes him my 25th +10, as well as my 8th completed grail project.


Heeeey, looking good! Got mine at +10 as well with same build, plus atk smoke 4 :feh_arvisboneappetite:


Wishing we could inherit 5 skills so o could give mine the entire kit for F Gustav. I may give him trace 2 so he can have catch 4 and smoke 4, but it still bugs me a little so I will wait and see. Your Jeralt looks awesome