I Will Protect Everyone! - A +10 A!Celica Showcase

Hello, GPers! Frequent lurker, occasional poster, and Lukas enjoyer Triton here. Normally I don’t do this too much, but I’m just so excited right now that I managed to +10 Ascended Celica!

The summoning was honestly relatively painless. During the debut banner, I went hard since I’m a SoV simp and got extremely lucky, getting her to +5 with only A! Joshua as a “pity breaker.” Since then, she’s showed up on a few random banners, including as a free summon for the anniversary (was it?), which got her to +8. The plan was to spark her on the remix and grab the last copy from the toilet paper, but she showed up around the 20th summon on the way so I said “f— it” and sparked for the final copy (and managed to get a Mila, too!)

Here she is, ran with NFU support 99% of the time:

While not invincible (brave effects and fatal smoke can ruin her day), she’s pretty damn close. I love her to pieces and use her everyday in every mode. :sob:

Thanks for stopping by, have a lovely rest of your day. :feh_annawave:


mom of mila :feh_sigurdeyes:


Nice! Congrats on the +10.
Glad RNG was kind to you


Whoo! Let’s go! Congrats on the +10!


What a co-winky-dink, mine got +10’d today as well. Has Ideal as opposed to your Finish, and I’m debating giving her A/S Unity/Menace/and Oath, not sure if I want to part with the manuals yet.

Looks killer! (And a right bitch and a half to kill, lol)


She looks awesome, congrats on finishing her! :catclap:


Thank you for all the kind messages everyone! :catflower:

And grats @GraveWolf90 for finishing her, too! Excellent taste, might I add. :feh_ceciliaculture: and I hear ya, the struggle is real. Too many units, too little fodder. :catroll: