I will take a brief moment of your time to ask this question (help a bro)

So today i summoned and got insane luck, i got petra +atk -hp, Ewan -def +spd which i dont know if its a good unit and a Nephenee which is -spd which sucks but i have a manual of her from a previous copy which can delete her bane, but i dont know if its worth it or if she is better as wrath fodder.

My question is ¿which units considering the IVs should i train, delete or manual?

Thanks for your time.

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manual, manual, manual


I wouldn’t invest in any of them.

From an efficiency standpoint there’s just no real reason to.


First off, what is the boon of the Nephenee? If it is something like -Spd +Res, I don’t think it is worthwhile to merge them together (unless you like her and want to use her regardless). I recommend training all of them up for Dragonflowers if you still need to get them. Other than that, you’ll have to decide if you want to keep them or not. If you don’t like the unit and they’re not a useful addition to your team, then just manual them.


Ground Orders is a very nice skill so I’d manual Petra :feh_birbpeek:

Ewan can make for a decent red mage to deal with some green threats in AA but Sabotage Spd can be pretty nice too :feh_faewow:

Wrath is on Astram so unless you’re planning to merge him I’d keep the Nephenees :feh_flaynfish:


Ewan sucks, Petra is C-skill fodder, and Neph is still an excellent armor buster. Merge her up, and if you give her a breath or support her with B!Lucy she’ll fire off Luna’s or Bonfires ever turn.


If you like any of the units or you are like me and like having as many heroes as you can in your barracks keep em and save the nephenee manual and use it later. If you don’t like any of the units or dont care about having every unit than manual em all

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Use crystals to level them to 40 claim their Dragon Flowers (and unlock their convo if you care about that), then manual them (or farm them for feathers).


I’d Manual Petra and Ewan because both have fodder for units that can do their job better. I’d keep Neph though, Astram exists for wrath unless you’re building him in which I’d also manual neph

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all 3 train them, no impressive fodder

Unless you dont like Petra Ground Orders and Atk/Spd Form can be useful

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That’s like his perfect IVs :frowning: hurts my soul if you manual him.


i didnt knew, i dont have use for his fodder so i will wait and see what happens.


well. there were a lot of “manual” them up. but i mean. Petra doesn’t even need anything (maybe draw back), and poof. you’ve got a sniper. (then any other petra you get you can fodder off).

Ewan. eh. a good support, red/green magic tank i suppose (well depending on the magic dealer since Lysithea, Julia and Kira seem to want to obliterate people offf the planet.

And I’m partial to Nephenee. and honestly. i don’t know if wrath is really “needed” skill. i personally would just merge that up - but again. nephy bias.

i’m all for foddering units, but usually when i get best ivs. it’s an option for AA at least (and/or limited battles, resonant battles so. theres all of that to keep in mind).

he’s your little munchkin?


Loved that part
Im building astram and he is a good arena unit, i dont use wrath too much its a rare skill, but i dont like 5 star projects and i havent played the tellius games, petra has good atk boon and unique weapon to deal with beast units and ewan its there but its a 5 star and i dont have use for him or his fodder.

Yup, love the lil guy! Would like to have him in the same team as my Lugh and Chad. Team kiddos all the way!